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Online DVD Rentals

The advancement in flat panel TVs offering typical home theatre setting and the ever increasing penetration of internet that enables accessing wider range of DVD titles resulted in the popularity of online DVD rental market.

Basics of Renting DVDs online

Despite having increased DVD movie rentals and game rental providers in the market, all of them follow a standardised process on renting DVDs. This mostly involves signing up and selecting your DVD titles, once you log in. Normally, it is advisable to maintain a list of titles and prioritize your order on receiving them. On making your choice online, you're not limited with choices, since majority of online retailers have thousands of titles to choose from. You receive your DVDs through post, usually with in a day or two via first class postage. Once you have watched a DVD, you should post them back to receive the next one in Queue. However, most of the online DVD rental retailers fix no time frame and charges no penalty for how long you keep your DVDs with you.

DVD Rental Plans

There are number of DVD rental plans that you will be curious enough to familiarise yourself with and that would as well assist you with your decision making skills.


These plans do not limit you with the maximum number of DVDs you can rent per month, that too for a reasonable monthly fee. Basically, in an unlimited plan, you can get through your favourite films as quick as the postage will allow. Some movie enthusiasts have rented around 40 DVDs per month on a standard 3 disc at a time unlimited DVD rental tariff. These plans offer great value for money allowing you to save almost a third of your local store prices. However, there are rental companies secretly 'throttling' back unlimited DVD rentals on high volume customers with their 'fair use policy', which can be usually found on the terms and conditions of the DVD rental service portals. This policy puts forward that the high volume customers may have their DVDs slowed down for the sake of lower volume customers to have an improved choice of their favourite DVD titles. This policy does not affect an average user, while this is against the Unlimited DVD rental plan for customers renting large number of DVDs per month. If you are a customer going in for high volume rentals, choosing a DVD rental service offering unlimited plan without applying the 'fair use policy' will definitely save you a fortune.


These plans limit you with the number of DVDs you can rent per month with a set monthly fee, but more affordable than the unlimited plan. Some of these plans allow for additional shipments at extra cost once you have reached the maximum number of rentals. Normally, no credits are given by the DVD rental companies, if the usage is to the minimum.


Pay-as-you-go DVD rental is one of the best options, if you do not prefer the standard monthly cost type plans. With this plan, you pay upfront for rental credits and then, you get sent virtually any number of DVDs you like to watch. If you are an occasional DVD viewer feeling that monthly flat fee is not worth your entertainment that you may or may not watch, this plan will be ideal for you, but still if you are likely to watch more number of films per month, this plan will probably not offer you the real value for money.

DVD Rental Packages

A package DVD rental plan is well organised with a certain number of DVDs packed and posted together in a single package at regular intervals usually on a weekly basis and expected to be returned in a single package as well. This plan offers you an improved choice but still quite expensive when compared to other plans.

Free Trial

With so many DVD rental services online, it is not astonishing to realise that most of the online DVD rental companies offer you some form of free period to try their service and quality. You are either offered with number of days often 14 to 30 or the maximum number of films to rent for free. There are no hidden catches, but you can sign only one free trial per group. Make sure to utilise this, since it's crucial to test the service of the DVD rental company before finding the right source for your entertainment.


Tips on Choosing the Right Online DVD Rental Services

In order to make your choice wiser on the right online DVD rental provider, you have to look in for the following,

  • The DVD rental company should stock thousands of DVD titles, offering you a wider choice.

  • You should familiarise yourself with the available plans and whether the company offers you free trial and if so, you should know the period of free trial.

  • You should know about the restrictions if any including late fee or due dates on returning DVDs.

  • The DVD rental company should be able to offer you consistent and excellent service enabling quicker DVD turn around.

  • The website you choose should have good navigation, film classification and ease of finding your favourite titles.

Renting DVD online is simple and easy eliminating your frustration of taking frequent trips to the high street. With better choices, convenience and affordability,Online DVD rental is a boon for movie buffs.


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