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Free Reminders

You can set up reminders for occasions like Birthdays, Anniversaries etc. on our website and we will send you email reminders for free. You can also use this helpful service to set reminders for insurance renewals, mobile phone contract renewals, to remind you when a 0% interest deal on your credit card runs out, basically for anything you don't want to forget. There is no limit for the number of reminders you can set. You can choose to be reminded up to three times for any particular event. You can do this by clicking on My Reminder on the top menu bar.

Friend Referral Cash

Your referral friend's cashback will show as approved only after the friend has reached £25 (the threshold limit) in their account. This is because we first need to confirm these are legitimate registrations and then cover the referral fees to you as well as the welcome bonus of £5 to your friend.

No. You are quite welcome to refer as many friends and family members as you like. But if you want to refer a lot of people by other ways of promoting us (for example through your business or websites), please contact us so we can tailor a partnership for you. However, please refrain from unacceptable means of referrals such as spamming.

Yes. You will earn £7 FREE Cash for every friend or family member you recommend to eDealsUK. Please see 'Refer a Friend' link in your eDealsUK account for details. There is no limit to the amount of referral cash you can earn! Some of our members are earning hundreds of pounds in referral cash without spending a penny.

Payment questions

We usually send out payments on or around the 7th of every month. During our monthly payment cycle, we will pay the members who have reached their threshold limit cashback balance of £25 or more. Payment threshold is set at £25, but if you would like to save this amount for a bigger cashback, you can change the payment threshold by updating your profile.

In order to provide you with the best deals, reduce administration costs, cover the welcome bonus, promotions, marketing costs etc. we need to retain a minimum of £25.00
Considering the amount of cashback and discounts you can get from our site, this limit should be easy to reach. This is also to stop people from joining repeatedly in different names just for the welcome bonus of £5! Whether you earn this limit in one day or six months, you can take your time and watch extra cash grow in your account without spending an extra penny.

Payments are sent through BACS. We require your BACS details for doing so. You also need to fill in your valid UK address so we may prevent people from outside the UK (mis)using our site.

About Links and Tracking

No, our links cannot be used externally. In order to earn through eDealsUK you must be logged into your account and visit the merchants via our site.

"You need to complete the transaction wholly online while you are logged into our site.

If you complete the purchase over phone or by any other means, the retailer may not track the transaction or may even decline it.

We will not be able to do much about their decisions on these, so to make sure you get the cashback, please login to our site and use our links to complete the purchase."

It is not difficult to make sure you get your cashback. Most people will get their cashback just by logging into our site and using our links and do not need any special software or settings on their computer. But please read the following to make sure you get the cashback everytime.

1. You must be logged in to and click on the links for the retailers from our site before you purchase everytime. Otherwise the retailer will not pay and you will not get your cashback.

2. Please make sure cookies are enabled on your browser. Don't worry, its nothing too complicated. Most computers and internet browsers under normal settings do have them enabled. To see how to enable cookies, see

3. You should complete the purchase online in the same session after you click through from our site to have the maximum chance of your transaction tracking. If you make the purchase over the phone or from other websites you will not get any cashback from eDeals UK.

4. If you use other shopping sites or other people use your computer, please make sure you clear your cookies before you make any major purchase through our site. Sometimes some other websites can plant cookies or software on your computer which may lead to the commission being paid to them instead! (We have only had one or two incidents of these so far amongst thousands of transactions)

5. If you are running any antivirus program, make sure ad blocking is turned off. Eventhough we don't use any pop ups on our site, some ad blocking programs can cause.

If in doubt or you have any problems with tracking, please do not hesitate to contact our team by submitting a support ticket - with the details of what browser you use, what security programs you have and your problem. We are always ready to help.

To enable cookies, Please visit and follow the instructions.

General Questions

Please submit a support ticket and we will respond to you as soon as possible, this usually will be within 24 hours during weekdays.

Yes, our site is completely free to use and we will not charge you directly or indirectly anytime for using our website. In fact, we even give you £5.00 FREE CASH as a welcome bonus.

No, we do not take any payments from you. We will never ask you for any of your credit card or financial details. You only need to provide your address to make sure you are in the UK. We need your BACS details for sending payment. After clicking on the retailer's link on our site, you will leave our site and make your purchase directly with the selected retailer.

We take security and privacy seriously and will NEVER ask for your credit card or bank account details. We are registered under the Data Protection Act 1998; and are bound to comply with the requirements of the Act. We will ensure that your data is handled carefully in line with our Privacy Policy.

Anyone who is a UK resident and over the age of 18 is eligible for a completely free membership on eDealsUK.

Please note that this site is only open for residents in the UK who are over 18. Only one account is allowed per person.

We have security systems in place to detect suspicious activities, and if we find anyone breaching our Terms and Conditions in anyway, the members accounts will be suspended without notice and no cashback will be paid to them.

In most cases, our systems will automatically suspend members with suspicious activities. Please understand that we have to do this to protect the interest of our members and our online merchant partners.

No, you pay the same price either way and even less if you use a special offer or voucher code on our website. The retailers do not charge you extra for shopping through our site.
In fact we not only give you extra cashback, we also bring you latest offers, exclusive deals, and voucher codes. As the purchasing power of our members grow we will negotiate more cashback and cheaper deals with the retailers.
Same online shopping from your favourite shops… Same or even better prices. Just extra cashback. Simple as that!

We reply to every ticket submitted to our helpdesk within 24 working hours. If you have not received a reply within this time please check your spam folder. Also please add to your contact list to ensure you get our replies.


- Login our site using your registered email id and password.
- To locate the merchant you are looking for you can search using the category listing on the left side or use the search box on the top right corner.
- Click on the merchant link to go directly to the merchant's website and shop with them in the usual manner
- In 2 to 7 days, your cashback will be showing as "Pending" in your eDealsUK account. 
- In two to three months the transaction will be validated and reported to us as by the merchant, and we will update your account accordingly.
- You can login our site and click on "My Account" to see the amount and status of your cashback.
- Once your approved funds cross your threshold limit, you will be paid by BACS. Please ensure that your profile page is filled in correctly and completely. Simply login and click on "My Profile" link to update your details.

- Login our site using your registered email id and password.

- To locate the merchant you are looking for you can search using the category listing on the left side or use the search box on the top right corner.

- Click on the merchant link to go directly to the merchant's website and shop with them in the usual manner

- In 2 to 7 days, your cashback will be showing as "Pending" in your eDealsUK account. 

- In two to three months the transaction will be validated and reported to us as by the merchant, and we will update your account accordingly.

- You can login our site and click on "My Account" to see the amount and status of your cashback.

- Once your approved funds cross your threshold limit, you will be paid by BACS. Please ensure that your profile page is filled in correctly and completely. Simply login and click on "My Profile" link to update your details.


Account Questions

You can check your account balance by logging in to our site and clicking on "My Account" button on the top of every page.

To credit cashback to your account we need to identify you and track your purchases.If you are not logged in, we will not know who was shopping from our online partners and our partners may not know which site you were referred from either. Therefore we may not be able to pay you if you are not logged in.

You just need to enter your Registered email id in the text box provided under the topic "Login Help" at the login page and click on the button "Reset your Password" . A mail with a "Password Reset" link will be sent to your email id. On clicking this link in the mail, you will be redirected to the site where you can create a new password for your account.

No. If you want anyone else to take advantage of the fantastic offers and cashbacks, please refer them as your friend and get £7 free cash from us for the referral. No one else is allowed to use YOUR account for their purchases. If sales are completed under a different name we cannot provide support or cashback for these sales, and will not process enquiries regarding them as the merchant may not pay for this. Our relationship with our online partners is based on us monitoring members and creating quality business for them and we will be answerable to them if any of our members misuse accounts.

Yes, your membership on our site is completely free, and we will not charge you directly or indirectly at anytime for using our website. In fact, we even give you £5.00 FREE cash as a welcome bonus.

We do not have any plans to charge our members anytime in the future either.

The status showing in your account is an indicator of what stage your transaction is at.

Pending: The merchant has tracked your transaction but not yet validated it. Merchants usually report a transaction as pending initially, before they check your payment details, returns etc.,

Approved: The merchant has approved the transaction and Cashback has been added to your account.

Reversed/Failed: The merchant has reported to us that they will not pay for this transaction (goods returned, payment failed etc). Sometimes merchants can reverse or fail transactions if their terms are not being adhered to, or they suspect fraud. If you think a transaction has been failed by the merchant by mistake, please submit a ticket with all the details of the transaction. We will contact the merchant and ask them to investigate.

Paid: We have paid you the cashback through BACS.

Of course you can. We are confident that our members will continue to earn cashback and use our free service, however if you do want to cancel your membership, you can do this at any time by sending us a support ticket.

If you have recently signed up to via a link on another website, immediately on registering with us you will have been sent an activation email. There is a link in this email that needs to be clicked on for your account to become activated.

Please check your spam folder if it hasn't arrived to your inbox. If you can't find this email in your spam folder, please submit a support ticket. Please note: with some email accounts it may take a few minutes for the activation mail to arrive.

As soon as you registered with, you would have received an activation mail. You need to click on a link in this mail for your account to be activated. At times, this mail may reach your "Spam" or "Bulk" mail folders. Please check these folders as well (if you do not find the activation mail in your inbox) and click on the link therein to activate your account. Once this link is clicked, your account will get activated and you can login with the email id and password you used at the time of registration.

Also, please add to your contact list. This will ensure that you receive all our replies to your tickets.

Missing / Incorrect Cashback

This happens when our partner retailer has analyzed the sale/lead and has decided not to pay us. This could be due to one of the following reasons:

You have returned the goods or cancelled the services during the returns period.

Your transaction was not completed wholly online.

Your credit/debit card was rejected.

You did not fulfill the conditions of the merchant. Only a few merchants have conditions attached. In these cases, we will describe in the merchant description or display a "conditions" link where you can see the conditions attached to the offer.

Please note that gaming and betting merchants can decline or fail transactions if they suspect the user has registered only to get the cashback and not play on their site.

Register free as a member of eDeals UK cashback shopping and get your welcome bonus of £5.00.
Make sure you are logged into eDeals UK website and select a retailer from one of our hundreds of leading retailers to make your online purchases.
We credit your account with cashback once the retailer pays us the commission. When your cashback balance has reached a minimum of £25, we will send you a payment through BACS.

Yes, as you will understand it is impossible to chase up any missing transactions that are too old. Therefore, if you have any missing transaction you must report this to us within 2 months. Simply submit a ticket to our helpdesk with all the relevant details of your transaction and we will chase it up with the merchant concerned.

Some merchants will only pay commission on purchase amounts excluding VAT and some may not include postage or delivery costs in the amount they use to calculate the commission on.
Some merchants will pay a token amount such as £1 pending verification of the transaction, although this is uncommon.
Please note that Merchants can also change their commission rates from time to time. We update our site as soon as we are notified of these changes, so please check our site for the latest cashback rates.

Merchants can change their rates as well as their terms and conditions from time to time. When they vary their terms, we update our site accordingly. If in doubt, always check the latest terms on our cashback shopping directory.

No. You can start earning cashback immediately from your first purchase.
There are no minimum or maximum limits. However, you will need to have an account balance of £25.00 in cashback before it is paid to you.

There is no limit to the cashback you can earn. The more purchases you make through our site the more you can earn. Sometimes you can earn cashback even without buying anything. For example: taking out free trials, applying for quotations etc. Don't forget you can earn £7.00 FREE cash for every friend or family member you can recommend to eDeals UK. Of course, they will also get their welcome bonus of £5 like you did.

When you make a purchase using the links on our website, the retailers will report the transaction, following which we will update the transaction on your account. We update our members account at least once a day and do not delay in reporting your transaction. We have hundreds of retailers and they all take different times to report and different times before they pay us the commission. Usually, reporting can take anything between 24 hours to a week to two, depending on the merchant. Some merchants processs transactions in batches and report only once or twice a month, (although this is quite uncommon). You can be assured that we make little delays on our side.

Initially after you have made a purchase, our partner merchants confirm the transaction to us as pending and this will be the initial status of all the purchases until the merchant confirms it.

The retailers will wait until the returns period etc., make sure the purchase wasn't returned, payment cleared etc., and then report to us as approved, which we will update in your account.

Sometimes they fail or reverse the transactions when people fail applications or return their goods etc., in these cases the transactions we will also fail or reverse the cashback in your account.

Please note our hundreds of partner retailers have various timescales to approve transactions. It can take anything between a few days to about 6 weeks or so in some cases. We make very little delays from our end in reporting.

If your cashback transaction shows as ""failed"" or ""reversed"" it means the merchant has failed the transaction and refused to pay the commission. The most common reasons for the merchants to fail transactions are:

* Your order was not valid (invalid details, incorrect card details etc.)

* The goods were returned/order cancelled during the returns period.

* You did not follow the terms of the offer or purchase. Please read the conditions and the merchant description on our site. This is especially important for free offers and gambling merchants.

* Rarely, merchants can fail transactions if they suspect fraud.

If you think the merchant may have failed the transaction in error (which is quite rare), please submit a support ticket with all the details of the purchase (order number/reference number/membership number, date, product, price etc.) and also explaining why this shouldn't have been failed. We will immediately contact the merchant and request them to investigate, but please note that the merchants decision would be final.

Yes, provided that you use the link and the codes on eDealsUK and use the code as instructed.
Please note that merchants may not track the transactions to eDealsUK, and therefore you may not get paid if you use any discount or Voucher codes which you found elsewhere.

Login problems

Please ensure you are using the same email id and password that you used to register with us. You will also need to make sure the spelling and format are correct. For security reasons all non UK IPs are blocked from accessing our site, therefor you will not be able to login to our site from outside the UK.

Please make sure that cookies are enabled on your browser and try to login again. If you still cannot login please go to and type your email id in the space provided (under Login help) then click on "Send me a New Password". Your password will be reset and sent immediately to your inbox. If your new password is not in your inbox please check your Spam folder. To avoid your mails from being spam blocked please add our email id to your approved list of contacts. This will ensure that our emails reach your inbox.

Please submit a support ticket and we will manually reset your password and email it to you.