Cashback Credit Cards


Here we have major banks and credit card providers where you can earn excellent rates of cashback by making your application online. American express is one of our members’ favourites offering various types of credit cards including cashback credit cards, balance transfer cards, low interest rate cards, nectar card and more.

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£4 Cashback

Cashplus Gold Activeplus is a prepaid Mastercard and comes with free purchase protection as well as award winning credit builder. It offers an easy way to budget and a great alternative to a bank account or credit card.


£8.32 Cashback

The new Cashplus prepaid Gold MasterCard Deluxe account is a revolutionary blend of some of the best benefits from a bank account and a credit card.


£18 Cashback

The great alternative to a business bank account, Free Purchase Protection and UK ATM withdrawals and the only prepaid card that offers Cashback on all purchase transactions.