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Zooplus sells a huge range of pet supplies and quality pet food for dogs, cats, birds & reptiles at reasonable prices. They also supply toys, cage accessories, aquarium equipment and terrarium decorations from leading brands.


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Northern Parrots sells the best range of food, toys, cages and accessories for Parrots and smaller pet birds. They have all the major brands of food, treats and supplements, hundreds of fun, exciting toys, a huge range of cages and much more - in fact everything for your Parrot.


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Christies Direct stocks great extent of animal grooming accessories at low prices. They sell dog shampoos & conditioners, combs, clothing and veterinary products of names Vivog, Mars and more.


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Ideal World are one of UK's top TV shopping channels that brings you a department store filled with fantastic brands. They offer stylish, contemporary and high quality beauty, fashion, jewellery, kitchen, garden and technology products; at the best prices.


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Dog Chews Store is an online e-commerce store which sells pet supplies. We are here to ensure that our customers pets are entertained, safe, and stimulated by providing them with pawsome toys, supplies and products that their furry friends will truly love. Safety and quality are extremely important to us so we ensure that we source only the best products for their pets and offer them at the lowest possible price. Don't take our word for it!


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How would you like a truly personal service? Our nutritional advisers are local to you so you can enjoy a delivery at a time and place of your choosing. Your pet will love the British-made, natural, premium foods. They offer food for all types of pets such as Dog Food, Cat Food, Pet Food, Animal Food, Trophy Pet Food, Adult Dog Food,Adult Pet Food, Adult Cat Food, Small Animal Food, Small Pet Food, Delicious Dog Food, Healthy Pet Food, Puppy Food, Junior Dog Food, Kitten Food, Junior Cat Food,Dog Nutrition, Cat Nutrition, Pet Nutrtition, Wet Dog Food, Dry Dog Food, Wet Cat Food, Dry Cat Food, Dog Biscuits, Pet Biscuits and Cat Biscuits. They are ethically approved and of uncompromising quality.


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Benyfit Natural create delicious and nutritionally balanced raw food meals for your dog.A 100% natural raw food diet will help your dog to thrive, the benefits are endless. Our delicious raw food recipes help with increasing food drive, skin issues, allergies, keep breath fresh, build muscle and keeps their coat soft and shiny.All our recipes are made with premium ingredients with prime cuts of human-grade muscle meat in every recipe and a choice from our complete range which includes delicious seasonal vegetables and our 80-10-10 range which includes just tasty meat, bone and offal.We also have a range of 100% natural air-dried treats to compliment their raw food diet and natural supplements to help with any ongoing concerns such as mobility, dental health, or digestion.


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The Dog Doctors is a leading UK dog health and wellbeing brand. Through the power of natural ingredients and scientific nutrition, we have created a range of vet-approved products for your dog’s every need. From treating stiff joints to pampering your pup, we discovered how to avoid all chemicals and irritants for the longevity of our dogs. As well as treating acute illnesses, we believe that prevention is better than cure. Help your dog lead a happy and healthy life with our range of healthcare, grooming, calming and training products. Always natural, cruelty-free, additive-free, and chemical-free.


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Billy and Margot believes in creating natural and wholesome food recipes that your dog is guaranteed to enjoy. Their recipes are lovingly crafted by their canine nutritionist for our dog’s ultimate health and happiness. They committed to sourcing the finest ingredients and ensuring all our dry, wet, and natural treats are full of flavour, taste delicious and are always grain free. Their premium dry dog food and premium wet food tins and pouches are made with high quality protein as well as our unique superfood mix, which contains wholesome ingredients bursting with antioxidants, phytonutrients, and essential vitamins to promote optimal vitality and wellbeing.


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