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WHSmith Movies Direct

WHSmith Movies Direct is a popular online DVD rental store in the UK with a collection of around 60,500 titles and virtually offers unlimited collection of DVDs in all genres.

Simple Renting

You have to select as many films or games you want from their collection and organise them in the order you would like to receive them. Once you place your order, your favourite DVDs will be dispatched within 48 hours allowing you to save on free postage. WHSmith Movies Direct never have any late fees or due dates and this enables you to enjoy your entertainment as long as you like and sending them back will fetch more of your favourite flicks in the order you prefer.

WHSmith DVD Rental Packages

All their packages include unlimited rentals and allow you to enjoy as many DVDs each month as you like.


Discs at Home

Free Trial

Monthly Fee

Unlimited Option 1

1 disc

30 days


Unlimited Option 2

2 discs

30 days


Unlimited Option 3 3 discs 30 days £15.99

Website Accessibility

WHSmith Movies Direct has a website that is easily accessible to its users. They have introduced number of features to improve accessibility for all kinds of users including those who are in need of assistive devices.

DVD Rental Categories

Action/Adventure, Comedy, Children, Drama, Documentary, Family, Horror, Foreign/Arthouse, General Interest, Romance, Indian Cinema, Music/Musical, Sport, Television, Thriller and much more.

Extra Cashback

As a member of our shopping directory, when you shop in WHSmith Movies Direct, you will earn £3.50 extra cashback. This is in addition to the seasonal offers, special offers and discounts offered by the online shop. You need not pay anything for receiving cashback instead you just have to shop in WHSmith using our shopping directory to save more on entertainment.


Member Reviews

I had a free trial with WHSmith Movies Direct and I'm not completely satisfied. They are having top titles but the turnaround is very slow, it takes a week, so I can’t recommend.
WHSmith Movies Direct dvd rental store has good collection of movies and I always rent adventure and comedy movies. Recently I watched 'SCHOOL OF ROCK', a good funny family film - it made me so much to laugh. I got a 30 days free rental DVD trials from this online movie rental store and £2 from edealsuk for my signup. Thanks to both.
Had a good start with WHSmith Movies Direct with free trial of 30 days, so signed up for £13.99 for 3 DVDs at a time package. Having poor selection of movies and the service I received after free trial period was very worst. I wouldn’t recommend this movie rental store to anyone.
Absolutely good. Received £2 from edealuk for my sign up with this movie rental store. I even rent games from WHSmith Movies Direct whenever I want, that's great. Customer service is helpful.
I have finally found a good online DVD rental store WHSmith Movies Direct. It performs well DVD rental trial which is available on any of its packages and I signed up for £13.99 per month for 3 DVDs at a time. Received £2 from edealsuk for my signup with this online movie rental store, turnaround service is quick and I'd award 4 stars to WHSmith Movies Direct.
After using the 30-day free rental DVD trial, I feel WHSmith Movies Direct movie rental service is not bad. Received movies with secure packaging and find very easy to send games back. The only thing that I don't like is the games which I got are always low down in my list. If I sent queries, they have been replied quickly and I highly recommend using this online DVD rental store service.
Sign up process and web site navigation are very easy in WHSmith Movies Direct website. I signed up for £9.99 package with 30 days free trial and received £2 cash back from edealsuk.com site. The turnaround is little bit slow sometimes but tolerable. They have good collection of comedy, thriller, adventure, general interest movies and good TV series as well. My son took Lego Star Wars and God of war PS2 games from this online DVD rental store, oh! He loved them. He kept these games might be more than a month with him, but they didn't put any late fee. Really a nice online movie rental store.
When I first signed up for WHSmith Movies Direct, their service was O.K. and after that the turnaround is very slow. I received damaged DVD's 2 times and received some other title not the same one. Their response is very slow and never got the priority titles. I am going to switch into another good movie rental store soon.
WHSmith Movies Direct service is pretty good. I have been with them for over a year now, the turaround service and the customer service are not that much bad when compared with other online DVD rental stores. I subscribed for £18.99, for that I received 1 month free trial and £3.50 cashback from edealsuk. No complaints yet and a good DVD movie rental store.
Avanti Philip
Signed up with WHSmith Movies Direct for £12.99 and got 30 days free rental DVD trial. During my free trial period, really their service was very good and after the trial period, I became a full member for unlimited rentals. The turnaround service is good and I generally get a new film within 2 postal days after sending one back. They have good range of DVD movie rentals for my whole family and we really like this store. Also a £3.50 cashback was given for my membership, when I signed up with this online DVD rental store through edealsuk website.
Rebecca Richard
WHSmith Movies Direct is by far the good DVD rental store which is offering quick turnaround and having wide range of movies. I got my subscription with 30 days FREE trials and I get all my favourite DVD's on time. A great DVD movie rental store.
Joined just 4 months before with unlimited–3 package for £18.99 and get good range of films from WHSmith Movies Direct. Really like this online DVD movie rental store because of its latest movies and game collections. I also got 30 days FREE trials and the turnaround disc service is fantastic and very fast. When I had a problem with a faulty disc, they resolved it very quick. Overall I am happy with this store.