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Tesco DVD Rental is the UK 's DVD rental online service. You can rent as many DVD’s as you want through its online service. There are no due dates or no hidden costs. And also it offers unlimited DVD rental with no late fees. So you can choose your choice from over 40,000 titles.

Products in Tesco DVD Rental shopping website

It has newest releases to the oldest classics, world cinema, TV and everything in between. And also everyone has a free 14 day trial offer, after that there is a simple flat-rate monthly fee for unlimited rentals, with packages starting from as little as £7.97 per month.

Tesco DVD Rental offers 3 types of packages.
  1. Unlimited DVD rental keeping 1 DVD at a time for £7.97
  2. Unlimited DVD rental keeping 2 DVD’s at a time for £11.47
  3. Unlimited DVD rental keeping 3 DVD’s at a time for £13.97

Safe Tesco DVD Rental Online Shopping

Tesco DVD Rental has a common mode of secured online payment method with credit cards and debit cards with security encryption as well as the latest technology and security features. For quality and security, we always check our partner websites. But when you make payments, you must also make sure that you are using reputable online shops that provide security encryption for their pages where you make payments.

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Member Reviews

I am game freak and love to play all the latest releases. Tesco provides me the best of the gaming dvd's. There was a delay for the first time as I mentioned a wrong postal code. But after that I did not find any delay till now. I signed up for the unlimited disc and I am getting the best service.
Samantha Brown
I cant go to the store for renting a dvd, so I signed with Tesco online dvd shopping site after a recommendation from my friend. The dvd's are good and I find almost all the movies I need. The delivery is made in time and there wasn't any damages so far. I would recommend to modify their site to make it a little attractive.
I have been renting dvd's with Tesco for more than a year now. They have a huge collection of movies, but the new arrivals take a little time though. But I am happy with the delivery, compared to other sites. I get it the very next day and the quality of the dvd's is also good.
Before one week I ordered few DVDs from Tesco. They made quick delivery and the customer service is very good. They have latest and new release movies for all categories. Will surely shop again.
Signed up for Tesco DVD rental free trial in June, things started very well, but when the free trial ended up then the problems have started. The last DVD's sent from Tesco haven't been arrived yet, may be a week over now, no reply for emails, totally disappointed and looking for an alternative rental store.
I use this service a lot now and they are very good. The problem is that to gurrantee a film you must have a rental list of at least 30 films and there is heavy demand for the most recent releases so you may have to wait quite a while before you get a top title. the plus point is they very quick on the turnaround
I'm the heavy user of DVD rental services and Tesco DVD Rentals is my fifth shop. I have tried many DVD rentals, disappointed and finally found this online movie rental store. The 14 days free rental DVD trial was absolutely good. Started with a minimum one that is £9.97 per month package and received my first DVD within a week time. I'm happy now.
A good movie rental store with good selection of titles, offering rental packages from £8.97, £11.97 and £14.97 per month for 1, 2 or 3 DVD's at a time. I got absolutely free 14 days free trial, felt good and opted £11.97 package for 2 DVD's at a time. I received my first disc within two working days after my signup, I can also rent games from this online DVD rental store. Very nice to be rent movies from them.
Been with Tesco DVD rental store for about 6 months and having the 2 discs at a time package. This online rental store used to be good, but now almost all the movie discs have scratches and not working properly, so I could not recommend. I've just stopped my membership and looking for an alternative.
I'm extremely disappointed. I've been waiting for 2 weeks for my DVD's from the Tesco DVD rentals but not yet received. Never receive any movies on time, so I'm trying to find a good online movie rentals store....
My sign up with Tesco DVD Rentals was a big mistake. Signed up for a 14 day free trial but received only two DVD's within the period. They never have any of the movies I ask for in my list. I have no idea about their customer service and I would not recommend.
Easy to use DVD rental website and having up-to-date movies and game DVD's. Signed for unlimited DVD rental for £7.47 a month and keep up to 2 DVDs at a time and there is no late fee. They have latest releases, my favourite funny movies, and 100's of PS2 games. The only time I was disappointed was when I received the damaged game DVD for my son, but it was replaced quickly. I have tried other online movie rental stores but this seems to be a good one.
Been with Tesco DVD Rentals since May, their service was good for about a month after I signed up. But after that, their movie rental service has gone downhill. They never had new releases soon after the movie released and never respond my emails. So, I'm going back to my previous movie rental store.
Almost a year ago, I subscribed for £13.97 including game package with DVD rental free trial in Tesco DVD Rentals. I really received DVD's very quick during the free trial period and after that the turnaround service was very bad. They have enough DVD's but I haven't received anything on time. The only good thing about this online DVD rental store is, I can able to watch all the good TV series without purchasing. That way I am satisfied.
From Tesco DVD Rental, I rarely got my top priorities and they don’t have enough copies of the top titles. Whenever I call them, they say it's out of stock, so I have to wait months to get the new releases. Also the turnaround service was perfect during my free trial period, after that it is awful. Not a good DVD rental store, so I'll be leaving them very soon.
I always receive new releases from Tesco DVD Rental store after 3 months from the release date. When I joined, the serive was good, but now it is terrible. I am thinking of moving to other DVD rental store by next month.
Emma Lewis
Tesco DVD Rentals store has been recommended by one of my friends and recently signed up for £9.97 package. The free DVD rental trial period was very good and got all the DVD’s that I wanted from this online DVD rental shop. As soon as my free DVD rental period was over, the turn around service is getting very slow. And they says they dispatch the same day but after two days only I always get my DVD’s. I mostly like comedy and thriller movies but they don’t have that much collection. The only good thing is I can keep the DVD’s as long as I like, there is no late fee. Reasonable customer service.
When compared with my previous online DVD movie rental store, Tesco DVD Rentals is far far better and cheaper than the other. I like to watch old adventure movies and get all the movies that I want from this store and there are no problems at all with their selection. My son is also excited that he can also rent games. This is the only company he likes to rent his play station games. There is no late fee and no contracts, so no hassles. I would definitely recommend them, without a doubt.
I’ve tried several DVD rental websites but Tesco DVD Rentals is my favourite site for all my movie rental needs. They have excellent movie collections to choose from, I have used this site for number of occasions and every time I was well impresses with their service. No late fees, no due dates so there is no stress of returning. I have rented Xbox games for my children and I wasn’t expecting it to be that good. All my deliveries were made promptly and I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a good online DVD rentals store.
Have not been able to access free trial as Tesco said we have used the offer before. Turns out they are part of another company who have a similar deal so it shows up when you try to use the Tesco one.They should make this clear on their info! Not very impressed!!!!!Wanted to find out which was most efficent,sorry Tesco you have lost a customer!