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Games Frenzy is the UK's online game rental store featuring the most popular releases, new releases and coming soon games of the major game consoles including Wii, PS2, Gamescube, PSP and Xbox. Their games categorise action adventure, sport and driving, shooting, platform and puzzle, driving the interest of both young and old. Becoming a member of Games Frenzy, you can rent games and enjoy the benefits offered by Games Frenzy.


Your membership includes prepaid postage for all rentals and when you are done with a game, send the game back and receive the next game in queue automatically.

Benefits of Shopping in Games Frenzy

Games Frenzy offers unlimited game rentals to all its members for only £2.49 per week allowing playing one game at a time, £3.49 per week to entertain you with two games at a time. If you want a new game, you need to send back your games and your next picks will be automatically sent to you. They have Keep it's feature that let you purchase a game you rent, if you are impressed with it. As a member of Games Frenzy, you can gain 10% of your membership fee back each month with frenzy points. On top of it, they give huge discounts up to 75% off with prices starting at just £4.99. The cost of membership depends on the package you choose on renting 1 or 2 games at a time. There are no due dates or late fees and allows enjoying entertainment at your convenience. If you want to cancel your membership for any reason, you can do it anytime.

Categories of Video Games

Action, Adventure, Sport & Driving, Shooting, Platform & Puzzle.

Cashback for Video Games, Game Consoles at Games Frenzy:

When you shop in Games Frenzy using our shopping directory, you get £3 extra cashback. This is exclusive of the seasonal offers, special offers and discounts offered by the online shop.


Member Reviews

I love playing video games and very much interested. I got a Nintendo silver DC console from them. Latest model consoles are available with them and I have already bought quite a few! Quality is extraordinary and for this reason I always shop there.
It is an online games rental store. We can get new games of different varieties and forms here. If we register in this site, we can get games and give it back after playing it and receive another automatically in a queue. Good game rental site.
Rufus Steele
Games Frenzy has a good collection of games, but I feel the games are a bit overpriced, when compared to other similar games in other sites. The selection and choice of games are marvellous and they have a huge membership base as well. I have taken up a membership with them for their collection of games, but I am not very happy with the pricing of the games. Other than this, I do not have any other complaints about them. The customer service is good and they have some responsible people out there, who are carrying out their jobs efficiently.
Signing up and picking up your favourite games in Games Frenzy is very easy. Have been getting good games from this game rental store for 6 months now and it provides an excellent service. Gamesfrenzy membership allows me to rent as many games as I want and there is no return date or late fee. They have all types of games for PS2, PS3, PSP, XBox 360, XBox and DS. Really it's a great way to rent your favourite games with £3 cash back from
I am awestruck with the wide range of DVD games collection in Games Frenzy. My son is a game buff and being a member in Games Frenzy I am able to give him new games for keeping him occupied. Moreover maintaining accounts with them is so easy that they enable pausing your account when we are away. I went for a short trip to India for 3 months and I continued renting after returning back. I have my full appreciation for Games Frenzy.
Signed up in Games Frenzy few months back and received £3 from edealsuk. Offering different rental packages and I chose a minimum one that is £3.99 per week. Happy with the customer service and no complaints yet.
Games Frenzy has good catalogue of titles and selling ex-rental games for lowest price. I bought 2 games by 'keep it' option and they worked well. A pretty good game rental store.
I was impressed with my first visit to the Games Frenzy site. The layout was good and the signup process was easy. But when I start using, their service was awful and no response for my emails. I am so disappointed about their service and going to quit my membership from this online game rental store soon.
Being new to Games renting online, I opt Games Frenzy store for its good collection of PS2 games. The "Report a Problem" option is very helpful to report about any damaged games, when I received 2 faulty discs out of three and made a complaint, got replacement discs within two days. It is quicker and easier to place my order online and site is very user friendly. Got £3 cash back from for my signup with this game rental store. Bought Dragon Quest and Prince Of Persia 3: The Two Thrones for only £9.99, quality of the games are good. Really a worthful game rental store.
If you are fan of games then Games Frenzy is a perfect place for renting games. I signed up with Games Frenzy about 3 months ago and they respond my emails quickly and I happy with their collections.
Games Frenzy was recommended by one of my friends and I have been member of this online game rental store sine 4 months. So far their service has been good, and receives game discs on time. There are having different schemes to sign up, I signed up for £3.99 per week and got £3 Cashback from edealsuk. I received my first disc within two days after my activation. Nice online game rental store.
Joined in Games Frenzy a month ago and really appreciate their service. Received the games quickly and the email response regarding my defective disk was also very quick. They are offering lite Plan with 1 Game Out for £9.96 per Month and Standard Plan with 2 Games Out for £13.96 per Month. I signed for standard plan and got £3 Cashback from edealsuk. I bought 'Predator Concrete Jungle' & 'Lego Star Wars 2' ps2 games for only £19.99. A reliable game rental storewith excellent range of games.
Have been using Games frenzy for about a month and getting excellent service. They send out games very quickly without any damage. Quick response for the emails and a good game renatl store to rent games.
The Gamesfrenzy is my favourite online game rental shop. I started with a lite plan, found some difficulties and changed to standard plan. Now I can rent as many games as I want without any return dates and late fees. Received faulty discs twice, made a report through their report a problem option and they sent me replacement discs within two days. So far, I never get disappointed.
Kerri Lewis
Having latest and good range of games to choose from and this game rental site is easy to use and navigate. Fast delivery with safe packaging. The subscription rate is also quite low when compared with other online game rental stores. I like this Games Frenzy shop.
Meccy Ray
I subscribed in Games frenzy only for a lite plan £9.96 per month and got £3 cashback from edealsuk. Received new releases close to release date from this online DVD rental store, very happy about it.
Ann Dudley
I don't know why I am not getting my favorite psp games from Games frenzy. It always says out of stock or somebody took it. But they have great collection gameboy games, so I am satisfied. Not having any big complaints about this online DVD rental store, a standard store.
When compared with my previous online DVD movie rental store, Games Frenzy rentals are far better and cheaper than the other. I like to watch old adventure movies and get all the movies that I need. No problem i faced till now with their selection. Their selection ranges for all ages for both young and old. I would definitely recommend them no doubt.
I have been a member of Games frenzy for over 2 years and I am quite impressed with their movie and game collections. The response is very quick whenever there’s a problem with my DVD rentals. I signed up for unlimited game rentals, getting latest games for my play station and Xbox. There is no late fee and due dates, a wonderful online DVD rental store I’ve ever come across.
I have been a subscriber with Games frenzy over a year now, they have a lot of choices for games as well as movies and they are the only people to actually send out new releases close to release date. For £3.49 per week, I can keep two games at a time and also I can buy any game I want. Good turnaround service and no complaints yet.
Recently received 2 Nintendo Wii games from Games frenzy for my son. Oh! He really loves those games without having any worries of due dates. I also got new releases on time and DVD’s were turned round in one day. One month back, I had one loss and emailed them and received another disc of the same title with free postage. A good online DVD movie rental store and so far I have nothing to complain about.