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My Movie Stream is a renowned online DVD rental store stocking over thousands of DVD titles offering fast and free home delivery service and returns. With limitless choice of DVDs in all categories, choosing a DVD is made simple and easy in the comfort of your home. As a member of My Movie Rental, you can choose from their great range of package deals and get benefited by their first month half price introductory offer scheme to new customers. They provide you a free trial of up to 6 free rentals in 3 weeks offering real value for money and entertainment. In addition to it, you can have your DVD as long as you want to and My Movie Stream provides no constraint with return dates or late fees.

My Movie Stream post DVDs in special letterbox friendly envelopes to avoid frequent trips to the rental store. Their award winning service is proved by dispatching on the same day as soon as your orders are placed. Becoming a member of My Movie Stream is not a long term commitment, since you can cancel your membership at anytime. With My Movie Stream, renting DVDs is fun and convenient offering great value entertainment.

Movie Categories

Gangsters & Hoodlums, Timeless Classics, Kids Movies & Shows, Walt Disney, British TV Comedy, War & Westerns, Chick-Flicks, Sci-Fi & Futuristic Movies, Comic Book Heroes, Bond, James Bond, American TV Drama, Romance & Tears, Classic Horror Films, New Releases, Selection of World Cinema, Coming Soon, 100 Top Indie / Art House and MMS-Top 100.

Earn Cashback

When you shop in My Movie Stream using our shopping directory, you can get £2.5 extra cashback on all your purchases. This is in addition to the seasonal offers, special offers and discounts offered by the online shop.


Member Reviews

Really was amazed with their service, this was my first experience with my movie stream. I ordered pokemon last week and they delivered before the estimated date. Was surprised with the fast delivery. Cause I have shopped in many online shops but the only drawback is late delivery. But I'm highly satisfied with edealsuk and my movie streams.
Really amazing collections of DVDs! I have shopped many times in this site and have had very good experience with them. Recently I ordered the toy story DVD. I love to shop here as it is a reliable shop.
It takes ages to get new releases from My Movie Stream and not getting get any DVDs on time. I have raised 2 issues but no response, totally disappointed and looking for a good movie rental store.
Have been using My Movie Stream about 4 months, mostly fine but have had a couple of damaged discs and turnaround on a couple of occasions has been slow. But selections of movies are good, so I would recommend.
Started 2 weeks free trial with My Movie Stream six months before, felt good and signed up 3 disc unlimited package for £14.99. But now not receiving any movies on time. Big disappointment.
Started with 2 weeks free trial and signed up for 6 disc unlimited rental package with My Movie Stream in January. They have less number of DVD's but whatever titles we choose, they will be delivered quickly. A reasonable movie rental store.
Navigating and adding movies at MyMovieStream online movie rental store is easy. It offers a very competitive service with free DVD rental trial of 2 weeks and there are six packages to choose from, ranging from 2 discs for £4.99 to 6 discs unlimited for £24.99. I went for a £19.99 option with 4 discs unlimited and never received any faulty discs so far. Really this online DVD rental store offers good service to suit most budgets.
Lilly Joe
I started up with 2 weeks free rental DVD trial and receive good service from My Movie Stream. Easy to use website and having good range of films. Received prompt email replies when I complained about the faulty discs. Just log in and create a list of DVDs that you want to watch and they will send you the discs as per your list. They offer 5 types of packages and I signed up for £19.99 month. So far nothing to complain, a good online DVD rental store.
I have signed up with My Movie Stream a month ago and only received my first DVD just a week before. Even during my free trial period, their service was very slow. I started with a lite plan but I am not happy with this DVD rental store. So I start searching a good online movie rental store which offers fast service.
My movie stream is the best DVD rental store I have come across. They have 6 types of rental packages and I am using £14.99/unlimited package. I got 2 weeks free rental DVD trial offer with £1.50 cashback from edealsuk. I always keep my son's game DVD's as long as he likes and whenever I sent back the discs, they send out the next available titles on my list. My movie stream is a best choice for anyone who is looking for a wide selection of DVD rentals.
I joined with My Movie Stream in last May for unlimited rentals, got free DVD rental trials and £1.50 Cashback from edealsuk. Their website is user friendly with easy sign up process. Having good range of films and receive my favourite DVD's on time. There is nothing to complaint about this online DVD rental store and I would recommend.
David Ben
I have been with My Movie Stream for about 10 months now, I am impressed by the speed of delivery of titles. Generally I can say, their website is easy to use and they are having good range of films. The turnaround service is very quick and whenever I had a problem it was solved very quick. A good DVD renatl store to sign up.
Sarah Lee
I have never got a good experience with any online DVD rental store except My Movie Stream. Their collections were amazing and I get all DVD's on time. And also I got some £1.25 cashback from edealsuk site even for free trial. The services was very fast during my free trial period and now it is o.k. I am happy and satisfied to get all my favourite film and music DVDs from this DVD movie rental store.
Chris Jones
I have used My Movie Stream a year back, then signed up in another DVD rental store, not satisfied with them and come back to My Movie Stream again. I signed up for a lowest grade of membership with free trial of 2 weeks. They are supplying all sorts of titles from their vast selection but their service was great during the free trial period but slower afterwards. I am getting the new releases quicker than the other online DVD rentals stores, so I am satisfied.
Started renting movies three months ago from My Movie Stream and I feel it gives best value for the price. For my whole family, I have subscribed for unlimited 3 package with 14 days free trial for only £17.97 and we can rent any movie or game whatever we want, that’s great. The turnaround time is decent and the new releases are come quicker than other DVD movie rental store. A good store to rent movies!
A good online DVD movie rentals store with free DVD rental offer. My Movie Stream offers a good range of films with fast turnaround service. I just followed their easy steps to sign up and felt very easy to order my DVD’s. Very pleased delivery, all my orders arrived next day and the quality is great. I have been a member of My Moviestream for 8 months and it is a trustworthy site, I’m happy to recommend.