LOVEFiLM DVD rentals online

LOVEFiLM are an online DVD and Game rental service, where you can choose a package to suit you of hiring DVDs, games or a mixed package of the two.

LOVEFiLM has every DVD available for rent in the UK , that's over 44,000, including all the new releases, as well as classics, family, foreign language and TV shows.
For a monthly fee members can rent unlimited DVDs, with no more trips to the video shop and no more late fees. Simply log into your account and choose the films you want to watch, add them to the rental queue, and LOVEFiLM will send them to you. Depending on your package, you can have up to 4 DVDs at a time, which you can keep for as long as you like. When you have finished with them just pop the DVD into the free return envelope and drop in the post, once LOVEFiLM have received them they will send out the next films from your list.
LOVEFiLM offer a 14 day, no obligation free trial to anyone who has not had a previous trial with them before.

Safe LOVEFiLM online Shopping

LOVEFiLM accept credit cards and debit cards online and have security encryption for safe online shopping. We do check our partner websites for quality and security, but you must also make sure you are using reputable online shops that provide security encryption for their pages where you make payments.

Extra Cashback Deals when you shop through our cashback Shopping Directory

When you shop online with LOVEFiLM, you will earn £7.50 extra cashback on all your purchases w ith LOVEFiLM online Shop by using our Cashback Shopping Directory.

This is in addition to the Sale prices, Special offers and Discounts offered by the online shop. You will not pay anything extra by using our cashback site and we will never charge you any money for shopping through us. You get EXTRA cashback just for using our shopping links.

Member Reviews

I could find almost all good collections in this site. Thank you love films.
I am a Film making student and hence, have to watch lots of movie. This website helped me a lot in getting the films I want at much cheaper rates. Good site.
Categorizing all films, games and even its magazine contents have made it easier to surf through this site. A awesome site for movie maniacs.
MY kids love watching animated movies. I have a large collection of DVDs. But they like to watch the new releases in their holidays. This shop performs awesome service and rental charges are affordable as well.
We get DVD’s and games for rent in this site. Just register the name and order which film you want and get it at your door step soon. I have been a member of this online store for the past 6 months and have not faced any problem till now.
I've been a Lovefilm movie rental member for over two years now and overall I'm happy with the service. Usually I get my DVD's within three days and haven't experienced any major problems. I would give 3 stars to lovefilm.
LOVEFiLM is the only DVD rental store really send out new releases close to release date, it offers not only top titles but also providing fast turnaround service, you can choose any great value package with 1 disc out at once for £9.99 per month or 2 discs at a time for £12.99 or 3 discs at a time for £15.99. I went for £12.99 package and received £6.25 from for my free trial. LOVEFiLM is the #1 choice for online DVD rentals, so I would recommend.
Neill Bob
I'm a big fan of movies and always watch thriller and funny movies. Luckily my experience with Love film is fine yet. When I signed up for 2 week free trial, I was asked to choose my rental package option, but the money was debited only after I completed the free trial period. There are lots of options, but I went for unlimited rentals £9.99 per month package and receive DVDs on time in first class post. When received the faulty discs, I put a tick in faulty checkbox on the front of the envelope and sent back. The next day they email me to let me know they have received it, and later I got a replacement disc, really great online movie rental store with fantastic service.
Having wide range of titles and helpful customer service. Received £6.25 cashback from edealsuk and I would recommend Lovefilm.
Just completed my free trial with LoveFilm and the service was reasonably good, so I signed up as a full time member. The collection and quality of movies are quiet good and receive movies in a timely manner. Easy to navigate and choose the movies. overall I feel better than the other online rental stores I've tried.
Signing up in LOVEFiLM online rental store website was quite simple and it offered me a free trial period of 2 weeks with no late fee. Quick service and prices are cheap when compared with other service providers. Offering £9.99, £12.99 and £14.99 per month packages and I have gone for the £9.99 deal. I've been a member with this online movie rental store for about 5 months now and am very impressed.
LOVEFiLM was recommended by my friend and I joined on the free trial. Received acceptable service from this online movie rental store only for few months and after it was very poor. Most of the movie DVDs they sent were in very poor condition. Poor customer service and I am looking for a good movie rental store.
A good online movie rental store to rent movies and games. Always received DVD's from list in a timely manner and got £3.50 for my free rental DVD trial from edealsuk. Signed up for 3-disc option. The range of movies are very impressive, I like romance and horror movies as well as comedy movies. Over all, I am happy with LOVEFiLM DVD rental service.
A worthy online DVD rental store. LOVEFiLM rental package starts from £4.99 a month with 21 days free rental DVD trials. They are offering 3 great value packages - 1 disc out at once for £9.99 per month, with 2 discs at a time for £12.99 and with 3 discs at a time for £15.99. I signed up for £12.99 plan and changed to £15.99. I receive my favourite movies quick with safe package. I haven't found any mistakes with this online movie rental store.
Using the LOVEFiLM £15.99 per month package and receive DVD's on time. Really the 14 days free rental DVD trial and the £3.50 cash back from edealuk were excellent. I can be able to keep the DVD's as long as I like, they don't put any charge for this. This online rental store is having more collection of DVDs especially the comedy films are the great choice. Some times the turnaround service become very slow, but not often. So far there are no major faults in their service.
Signed up in LOVEFiLM with free rental DVD trials. Always like to rent good comedy films and receive them very quick. Their customer service is exceptional when I had a problem in receiving and sending backs the DVD's. Honestly say a good DVD movie rental store for all my movie choice.
Neil Edwards
Using LOVEFiLM for over a year now and their service was good in the initial period, after 3 months I felt that their service was very slow and I wasn't expecting it to be that bad. They have less DVD's than the other online DVD rental stores, but only thing I can get all my favourite TV series from them in the timely manner. Over all, it is an average DVD movie rental store.
Susan Williams
I have ordered my favourite TV series in LOVEFiLM a couple of months before and only I got them last week. That also broken one, I was really annoyed but they simply apologised and never sent an alternate one. Still I am waiting and I am unhappy about their service.
Being a customer of LOVEFiLM for over a year now, I must say that this is by far the best online DVD rental store I have ever used. So far the customer service has been good, and always receive the DVD’s in a timely manner. I really get all the TV series that I’d like to watch. If some one looking for a good DVD movie rental store with free trials, then I’d certainly have no problem in recommending LOVEFiLM.
Cancelled the subscription from my previous DVD rental store and joined with LOVEFiLM, Wow! What a great DVD movie rental store with 1000’s of game and movies. It is a well organised, easy to use website unlike other online DVD rental companies. Furthermore it offers 3 discs at a time for £15.99 with absolutely no late fees and keeps the DVD’s as long as I like. I am very satisfied with this store and would recommend to anyone.
If you are looking for a free rental DVD trials then LOVEFiLM is the perfect online DVD rentals store to rent your DVD’s. They have lot of choices for games as well as movies for every ones taste. Excellent free trial offer and quick turnaround. I have received nearly 100’s of DVD’s from LOVEFiLM with FREE 1st class post in excellent condition. Big thanks to this DVD movie rental store and highly recommended.
There is no reason for you not to take up this free Dvd rental offer from the experts. Films in every genre to suit all. The very fast delivery and returns set up is hassle free. Great.
was about to cancel my free trial but the guy offered me a great offer to stay with them for 3 months which i couldn't refuse!!!! getting new films everyday can't go wrong plus cashback
A Weir
Lovefilm offer a very prompt service and quick turnaround of DVDs, I personally like this company because they operate a smooth rental experience at a small cost to the customer. The packaging is also good because you don't have to do anything with them except slip your DVDs back into their cases and post it back in the envelope. Nice company!