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About Easy DVD Rental

Easy DVD Rental is the UK's ultimate online DVD library offering their members to access from over 56,000 DVD titles featuring the oldest classics through to the newest hot releases and yet to come flicks. They have a wide collection of DVDs focussing on various tastes of people including documentary, adventure, romance, horror and sport. They bring your favourite home entertainment to your door with a personal touch and fantastic value.

Delivery Information

Your favourite DVD is delivered to your doorstep via free post along with a pre-paid envelope for easy returns.

Reasons to Rent in Easy Cinema Online DVD Rental

Easy DVD Rental offers extra ordinary convenience by allowing you to choose how many credits you prefer to buy and keep 1, 2 or 3 DVDs out at any time. There is no late fee and you can have your DVDs as long as you want and as soon as you send back a DVD, they dispatch your next favourite DVDs. Easy DVD Rental offers real value for money by providing money back guarantee for the first 7 days and after that they fix a flat fee for each batch of credits, from £7.96 for 4 credits and this works out for £1.99 per DVD, which is half the price to the high street rate. They expect no contracts that you can cancel your account anytime, if you are unsatisfied with their service. On top of all these benefits, Easy DVD Rental ensures safe and secured shopping online with SSL security encryption for safe payment and to protect against unauthorised use.

DVD Categories to Browse

All Genres, Action/Adventure, Children, Comedy, Family, Drama, Documentary, Foreign/Art house, Horror, General Interest, Music/Musical, Indian Cinema, Sport, Romance, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Television and Thriller.

Reasons to Rent in Easy DVD Rental using our Shopping Directory

When you rent in Easy DVD Rental using our shopping directory, you get £5 extra cashback on every purchase you make. This is in addition to the special offers, seasonal offers and discounts offered by the online shop. You need not pay a penny, instead you have to just shop in Easy DVD Rental through our cashback directory to achieve cashback.


Member Reviews

Its been more than a year since I am shopping here. You get DVDs for a cheap price and the delivery is fast as well. Can’t beat their service! Every month I get the newly released DVDs from them! Superb!
I expected good service from their online shop and signed up with them. But the DVDs were not of good quality. Print was not good. I would not deal with them any more.
I've signed up for £13.93 - rent 2 DVDs at a time package in Easy Dvd Rental store and it has been 100% troublefree, no delays, no complaints. Great!
Mullin Chris
Easy DVD rental store was impressed me in the beginning, but after it took ages to send DVDs. The turnaround service became very worse. I tried to cancel my subscription from this online DVD rental store, but all my emails were ignored. At last I was finally able to cancel my membership, but only after being charged. I never recommend Easy DVD rental to anyone.
I've been a member of Easy Dvd Rental store for over 7 months now, never get any faulty or broken discs. Site navigation is easy and overall happy with their service.
I've been a customer of Easy Dvd rental shop for about 2 years and I'm happy with their service. I have received damaged DVDs on rare occasion but they were replaced quickly. I like this online movie rental store.
Easy DVD Rental is my first online DVD rental company I tried, so I cannot compare with other rental stores. Initially their service was quick then after few months it became very slow. They never had a new releases in stock, so I am going to terminate membership from this online movie rental store and going for a new renter.
Despite being with Easy DVD Rental store for about 2 years, the rating of 1 is deserved. Unhelpful customer service, last week I was also sent a few damaged disks that didn't play properly. I made a complaint about this, but no reply yet. I am going to cancel my subscription soon.
It is an excellent online DVD store which I have been using for number of years. Offering very helpful customer service and quick delivery. All my favourite movie DVDs have arrived on time with in perfect condition. All the thriller movies which I took it from this movie rental store were excellent. Offering DVD rental packages as 4 credits for £7.96, 7 credits for £13.93 or 10 credits for £19.90 without any late fees. When I signed up with Easy DVD Rental, I got £5 Cashback from edealsuk. I recommend this movie rental store to all my friends.
I expected a good service when I signed up with Easy DVD Rental store, but really I was disappointed about their service. The disc quality is very poor on TV. The dispatch time has become slower and slower and no response for my emails. I only got a message that someone will contact me within 24 hours, but nobody contacted me. I finally decided to go for another good movie rental store.
The only reason I like this Easy Dvd Rental shop is I get all my favourite sport DVD's. I signed up for £19.90 package and I can rent 3 DVDs at a time. Manytimes I received damage DVD's, they have been replaced quickly. This online DVD rental store offers fantastic selection of movies and games from newest to oldest. The only bad thing is the turnaround service. They receive my games in 1-2 days and send a new one after a week. So I get disappointed many times due to the late delivery. They have to improve this.
I have chosen this Easy DVD Rental shop for renting new movies. One of my friends recommended this DVD movie rental store a year before and I subscribed for £7.96 with 1 DVD at a time option, first 3 months I got an acceptable service from them and after that their service is ok not that much good. An average online DVD rental store!
Kate Daniel
A better online DVD rental store with a great selection of game, film and music DVDs. I have subscribed for £13.93 for choice of 2 DVDs at a time and I receive my DVD's on time from my wish list. Their service is good, but I only get the recent releases after 2 months from the release date. So they have to improve this sort of problems, otherwise it is a good store for your DVD movie rental choice.
I am using this DVD Rental for over 2 years and I am satisfied with their movie collections. The response is very quick. I received my delivery immediately on the next day. Excellent.
A great selection of movies that I have not seen elsewhere. Really I was searching to find an online DVD rental store with new releases and find Easy Dvd Rental is very useful. I subscribed for the package – rent 3 DVDs at a time and I receive wide range of movies including independent films, foreign, and childre movies. No late fee is a big advantage for my kids to keep their favourite movies and games as long as they like. It fulfills my wishes, worth paying online DVD movie rentals store and I would recommend.
I’ve been with Easy Dvd Rental online shop for 7 months and really impressed with their huge range of DVD movie rentals. I joined with the package–Rent 3 DVDs at a time and received all the top comedy DVD’s which are in my list. There is no late fee, so I can keep the DVD’s as long as I like. I have rented nearly around 40 DVD’s since joining, and only had 2 very minor problems and they were sorted out very quick. All in all, it is a great online DVD rental store to visit.
There are over 35,000 thousands of DVD collections are found in this site. I have been shopping through this site for more than two years. Delivery of goods will be perfect. Services are gentle. Recently I bought Mr.Bean 2. All latest releases are found in this site