Pact Coffee brings incredible, freshly roasted coffee to you as you need it. All their coffees are lovingly grown by the world’s best farmers. Pact is a flexible subscription service personalised to customers taste. They offer various coffee flavoues including Monte Maria Espresso (Dark chocolate-covered raisins), Filadelfia – Monte Maria (Dark chocolate-covered raisins) and Fruit, Decaffeinated Planalto (Milk Chocolate Shake), Villa Juan (Green Apple and Greengage Plums) and Nut Espresso (Milk chocolate, fruit and nut).

Pact Coffee offers a wide range of wonderful coffee gifts too! The Coffee Kits are designed to introduce coffee lovers to their new favourite brew method and their new favourite coffees. Buy The Crafty Coffee Kit Coffee Kit for £34.95 and more. Just visit Pact Coffee website for more details and avail the benefits whenever you place your online order plus get extra cashback until 31st Oct, that is £1.49 on first bag for new customers. Also, get 50% off first 250g bag of Pact Coffee – Sign up using code: VAC50 to get 50% off your first order.

Pact Coffee – 50% Off First 250g Bag And Extra Cashback

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