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Tesco Gas & Electricity is one of the UK 's gas and electricity suppliers in which you could save by shopping around for Gas and Electricity online. It makes your life easier by getting all the information from the utility industry. So you can use this service whenever you need to do without any restrictions.

Services in Tesco Gas & Electricity

1. Rolling contract - carries on until you cancel it. When you choose this contract, the price of electricity can go up or down according to the terms and conditions of contract. When you are moving a house, you have to give 2 days notice. To terminate this contract, you have to give 28 days notice. Rare cancellation fee is applicable. It may contain periods which the supplier guarantees not to increase prices. During one of these periods, if you want to cancel your contract, cancellation charge may be applicable for you.

2. Fixed Term Contract - It is mostly applicable for businesses. This is fixed for one or two years. When you are moving a house or price increase by the supplier, the fixed term contract can be cancelled without penalty. For other reasons fees may be applicable.

Safe Tesco Gas & Electricity online Shopping

Tesco Gas & Electricity has a common mode of secured online payment method with credit cards and debit cards with security encryption as well as the latest technology and security features. For quality and security, they always check our partner websites. But when you make payments, you must also make sure that you are using reputable online shops that provide security encryption for their pages where you make payments.

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