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Central heating is one our biggest investments, after a house and car, and British Gas have been providing warmth and hot water to millions of homes for more than 40 years. British Gas has a range of energy efficient products that are both stylish and innovative, whether you are thinking of having a new gas central heating system installed or thinking of having your current boiler updated. Their l atest models can save you up to 40% off fuel bills and are environmental friendly too.

British Gas can offer all the plumbing products, professional boiler installation service and give expert advice on choosing the boiler to suit your needs.

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Gas central heating, boilers, showers and radiators

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Central heating install with British Gas accept credit cards and debit cards online and have security encryption for safe online shopping. We do check our partner websites for quality and security, but you must also make sure you are using reputable online shops that provide security encryption for their pages where you make payments.

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Member Reviews

In central heating install with British gas I found a wide range of energy efficient products and replaced my old boiler to a new gas heating system. Perfect customer service and tradesmen also good at their work.
Central heating install with British gas has a range of energy efficient products that are stylish and innovative too. I replaced my boiler and bought a gas heating system. They installed it perfectly and gave good advices about it.
Recently I replaced my old boiler and bought northern gas heating system. The sales professional gave me good advice about heating system and the boiler was at good condition. Better communication and the installers did a good job. Just want to convey my regards to central heating system.