Even though it seems to be a very simple job, shopping designer shoes, may turn out to be an arduous journey for many of us. Once upon a time wearing a pair of shoes was meant for the protection of the feet. But today it has become a very important part of our costumes. Footwear designers update their classics with active soles, stylish toe, heel shape, rich material and trendy motifs.

Generally designer shoes of famous brands are expensive, but many designer shoes are available in the market without brand names. The later ones are comparatively cheaper. Designer shoes without brand names are often designed by up and coming designer, not very much known. For this reason we cannot right off them. There are non-branded designers shoes which are as good as famous brands qualitatively. However when you buy designer shoes of well known brand, you are assured of the workmanship and the special features of the design of your choice.

Those who are in search of designer shoes are often stuck between the two options. It is therefore necessary to learn to shop wisely combining pieces from famous designer and local sources. You will be able to determine the merits or advantages of both when you master the art of shopping.

The very first thing you have to keep in mind is the style. The style should go with the structure of your feet. The kind of shoes you require is a matter of your discretion and at times you have to overlook the factors like brand and price. The cardinal requirement is the comfort when you wear them. At the same time the shoes should complement the dress you wear, whether it is a casual or formal occasion. It should be, defacto a perfect wear, in conformity with the colour and if possible with the texture.


Unlike ladies, men do not often feel the need to have shoes in varied colours. Popular colours preferred by men are black, brown, burgundy, oxblood, white and chestnut. Rather than looking for buying a pair of shoes in the high street spending your time and energy, shopping online for an affordable pair of designer shoes is ideal. Online shopping saves time and effort in locating the right shoes.

Even if you want to buy designer shoes for a special occasion, consider shoes that suits other occasions as well. If you have a budget, you can save money by buying only one pair of shoes instead of two or three pairs for different occasions. Make sure that you choose the right type of shoes as far as comfort, style and versatility are concerned. While choosing a good quality men’s’ designer shoes, you must look for your own tastes, grade of leather and styles along with the correct shoe size. The leather should be reliable, soft to touch and smell good. Choose the best stitching preferably hand sewn which is highly durable.


Today the designer shoes have increasingly become a very important part of a woman’s wardrobe and shoes that a woman wears with a particular outfit should complement it. Although most designer shoes are beautiful to look at, some are considered as a prestige symbol, provided they are the products of a famous designer house around the world. But unfortunately many shoes considered as designer shoes are not found sturdy.

But as each woman has her unique style and priorities, designer shoes for her should be well worth the money spent. She will not be content with a pair of shoes which is not in line with the latest fashion trends. By choosing only quality footwear, a woman feels that she has achieved something unique, and feels proud of it. The way woman chooses her footwear speaks more of her aesthetic tastes. She will never settle for a second best.

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