It is important that you should have a pair of fashion shoes that match your dress. But, more than that the shoes should be comfortable. A sleek and comfortable fashion shoes should also be a rigid one. Therefore the definition for a fashion shoes is not a single worded phrase. Each decade had its share of drastic changes in fashion.


Ladies shoes are elegant and should compliment the outfit in matching and colours. Many are laced up styles with almond shaped toes and Cuban or Louis heels. Some shoes are neat looking and fairly simple in designs. Lizards and crocodile skins are expensive, and therefore suede and polish leather are generally used. Shoes with a single or T-strap fastening across the foot are also popular. Long boots like a slightly squashed down riding boot, were a fashion craze once, but only for a short period. Informal shoes have round toes and lower heels which are either Cuban shaped or flat and square. Top stitching is used on toe and heel cap. Most shoes are fastened with laces and straps. Some which are open over the arch of the foot and laced across before being tied are called "Gillie" shoes. This is usually based on Scottish style. Of late different types of sandals with straps, with low chunky heels or very high heels are in fashion. For ladies ballet flats with pointed toes and satin wrapped heels with lace overlay are also fashionable.


For men, the motion control shoes are the most rigid, inflexible, heavy and durable. Style and colour are also important. Dress shoes, casual shoes, athletic shoes etc are made for every occasion (Both for men and women) are much in demand. Men's' walking shoes are created for endurance walking. A good walking shoe should have a heel not higher than half an inch and a flared sole is not needed. It should have a slightly forward or up forward curve at the front of the shoe.

Fashion footwear should have arch support and the wide fitting shoes are generally thick heeled, sturdy and intended to last long. There was a time when platform shoes were fashionable. Cushioned shoes for men have soft mid sole and are flexible. These are meant for people with high arches. Racing flats have very little stability. They have low heels and usually very light. Race walker shoes are made to accommodate the motion of race walking and are very similar to racing flats. Light weight Hiking and trail shoes are designed for those who go for hiking and short trips. Even though they are not as durable as boots, it looks rugged and is comfortable and cushioned.

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