In a busy life schedule, when both husband and wife work, there is a remarkable change in the kitchen. Kitchen appliances, to cope up with the needs of the modern family, became essential items rather than luxury articles. A fast cooking process with lesser physical efforts became a prerogative of the people who started relying heavily on household appliances. The kitchen to day is more mechanised. Safety, convenience and energy saving became the key factors in choosing such appliances.

Refrigerators, dish washers, microwave ovens, instant hot water dispensers are among the various appliances that are offered to make the modern family kitchen, a more comfortable place. Time saving equipments became an unavoidable necessity.

The food habits which underwent drastic changes in the recent past, is another reason for this modernisation of the kitchen. People became more health conscious to demand more hygienic and nutritious food. This attitudinal shift contributed to the changes in the kitchen. People started learning that the modern appliances will help to cook hygienically than the manual methods. It is also realized that the modern way of cooking is less expensive, apart from a time saving process.

Looking at the modern kitchen, we find that the refrigerator is the most convenient and utilitarian equipment that helped the life in the kitchen more relaxing. Some of the fridges features water and ice dispenser outside the doors making them easily accessible. Turn tables, shelves; slide out storage boxes or shelves make the refrigerator a mini departmental store in your kitchen. Steamer installed in the kitchen will contribute to a very healthy mode of cooking, in tune with the increasing awareness about the healthy food habits.

Safer and cheaper to operate, the microwave oven has come very handy during the busy hours in the kitchen. As it can be adjusted automatically, it has become a boon to the absent minded cook. In the context of healthy cooking, this one appliance play a big role. Time saving is the key word that made microwave oven a much sought after kitchen equipment.

Toasters, instant hot water dispensers are complimenting the other activities in the cooking process. When a breakfast with a cup of hot coffee or snack with soup are the requirements at a short notice these appliances come to the rescue of the cook.

Dish washers, with push button controls or dials solve the most tiresome task in the kitchen. There are models which can be accommodated in the kitchen without occupying much space.

With sink garbage dispenser, the family can get substantial relief from a arduous process of garbage disposal. Kitchen waste disposal has become an easy process, saving the cook from up and down trips several times to the kitchen trash.

Think about a pantry system with built in coffee machine, installed steamer and facilities even to segregate kitchen waste.

All said and done, kitchen appliance manufacturers have developed new ideas which are cost effective, safe, energy efficient, clean and convenient. But, remember that these appliances make our lives much easier, provided if they are maintained properly. We have to see that the electrical equipments are installed as per instructions to ensure safety. Make cooking a pleasant experience.

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