Range Cooker Buying Guide

The range cooker is one of the most indispensable appliances in today's modern kitchens.

Aside from the many features that make cooking life a lot easier and less messy, range cookers have sleek designs and colors that will surely fit to the overall design of your kitchen.


You need to carefully select the size of your range cooker because it needs to fit to you kitchen lay-out. If you need a range cooker that you need to fit into a gap in your kitchen, then you may want to buy a freestanding range cooker.

The height is usually measure from the hob to base of the range cooker. Standard freestanding range cookers measure about 900mm by 60mm but you can select from a wide array of other sizes varying from 500mm to 1200 or even more.


Your new range cooker's style is also an important thing to consider if you want to have a harmonious kitchen. Like the size, there is a wide array of styles from minimalist, retro to professional looks. Stainless steel cased range cookers are not only stylish but they also last a long time. Many colors are also available to match the colors of your kitchen.

Gas-fueled Range Cookers

It is generally cheaper to use gas fuel. Aside from this, cooking with gas gives you more temperature control and you will have juicier meats and other food.

But if you opt for gas range cooker, you need to add more safety precautions. You may want to hire an engineer to set up.

Electric-powered Range Cookers

The main advantage of using electric range cookers is that they are more flexible in terms of convenience and safety and they are made for speedy cooking. But the heat may be less controllable.

Dual-powered Range Cookers

If you want to combine the best of both worlds, you can give both electric and gas fueled range cookers. But there are less dual-powered models you can choose from.

Sealed Plate Hobs

This hob is electrically powered and more expensive than its gas counterpart but since heat is evenly distributed under the cookware's surface, cooking becomes more cost-effective in the long run as cooking time becomes shorter, saving much power.

Radiant Rings

Radian rings tend to be the cheapest hob choice you can have. These are coiled metal elements that glow red at very high temperatures. The problem with radiant rings is that they are slow to heat up and cool down. They are also quite difficult to clean.

Ceramic Hobs

They are the most expensive models but they are most cost effective as well. Ceramic hobs are composed of halogen or semi-halogen elements placed under a heat resistant glass. They can be controlled with sensors, timers and touch screens.

Gas Hobs

They are more commonly hobs compared to others because they are inexpensive and heat is easy to control with gas hobs. Most gas hobs in the market have one large and rapid burner, two medium burners and a small burner for simmering needs.

Conventional Gas Oven

Heat is distributed throughout the cavity in this type of oven. As a result, the temperature is higher in the top section and lower at the lower section. This can be perfect for multi-layered roasting.

Conventional Electric Ovens

This functions the same as the conventional gas oven except that this uses electricity for power. This is also perfect for roasts.

Fan Oven

This can be an economical way to heat oven cavity where the heating element is part of the fan assembly. The result is a very uniform heat ideal for baking cakes.


You can defrost any kind of food using the fan without heat and closed oven door. With door open, you can also use the fan to cool dishes before putting into the refrigerator.

Gas Grill

In a gas grill, the heat is usually higher at the center compared to the edges so you have to move the food to get even cooking. But newer types of gas grills like vitro-grills have a ceramic glass to spread the flame evenly.

Electric Grills

This type of grill is usually slow to heat up but once it has achieved certain high temperature, grilling quality is really good.

Slow Cooker

A slow cooker is perfect for stews. Meats can become very tender with slow cooker but it takes a long time to tenderize, sometimes it takes overnight. But the effect is final food quality is really impressive.

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