Designer Jewellery

Ever wanted to possess exquisitely designed jewellery? Well who wouldn’t want to? Designer jewellery is so magnificent and stylish that an admirer with artistic temperament is never going to let it go.

Women just love to wear designer jewellery that blend with their outfit. It not only enhances their beauty but also wins them fiery glances of their admirers. Precious metals like gold, silver and platinum when studded with multicoloured stones or when alloyed with other metals radiates an aura of royalty and class truly fit for a princess.

Designer jewels are personally created by highly talented ornament stylists who have an eye for beauty wrapped in sophistication. They keenly understand the needs of their customers and passionately shape it out from the precious metals. But today designer jewellery is not anymore a luxury of the rich. Many jewellery stores now adopt the world class designs of Tiffany, Chopard, Cartier etc. These designer inspired collections look so much like the original that getting it for a cheaper price is really a steal.

Designer jewellery has changed the concept of fashion. The new trends in the industry are rhodium coated or gold plated collections which ensure high durability and an extravagant sheen. Diamond continues to be the favourite jewel with its high reflective property giving the entire piece a heavenly exuberance. Semi precious stones like citrine, blue topaz, amethyst, opal etc can steal any hearts with its eye popping colours. The intervention of coloured CZ stones has made designer jewellery more vibrant and affordable.

The availability of jewellery online has made a revolution. Unlike the olden times when you had to personally go and search for your hearts choice, today just sit in your room and go through what each shop can offer and get that wonderful piece which you always wanted to own. While buying jewellery online just make sure that you buy from authentic websites that truly values its customers by listing reputed Online Jewellery Shops. Buying from websites of well reputed jewellery stores is always recommended.

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Here is the list of UK's reputed Online Fashion Jewellery Shops where you can find the most elegant collections of Fashion Jewels.

  • Body Jewellery Shop - Huge Selection of fashion Jewellery for Men, Women. Collections include Glass Jewellery, Rubber Jewellery, Steelx Jewellery, Steel Body wear and more. One stop shop for Belly Bars, Eyebrow rings.

  • JewelleryNow - Exclusive shop for Hot Diamonds and Silver Jewellery for Men. Neck chain, Bracelet for Men.

  • Adili Fashion Jewellery Store - Hand Crafted Silver Jewels, Ethically Mined Gold, Silver Rings, Necklaces.

  • Find Jewellery Shop - Huge collections of Yellow Gold, White gold Jewellery and Gold earrings and pendants.

  • Pia Jewellery - Fashion, Designer Jewellery, Accessories. Jewellery sets, Watches, Brooches and Earrings.

  • Goldsmiths - Diamond Rings, Jewellery Gifts, Armani, Briel & D&G necklets.

You can find the complete list of Fashion Jewellery shops by visiting our Online Jewellery shops section.