Things to be noted when selecting Jewels

Jewel culture had begun almost 100,000 years ago. This is said to be the period when the earliest signs of modern human culture came into being. Incidentally these decorative ornaments were made of simple seashells punctured to string together a number of seashells. By today's standards these are considered rudimentary. Archaeological studies have revealed that Skhul in Israel is the where the oldest dated bead was discovered.

Since then we have come a long way. We know that jewellery is made of any of these base metals, sterling silver, white gold, yellow or red gold or platinum. Precious stones and gems when added give the jewel a touch of aura that demonstrates style and status.

What makes jewellery alluring to both sexes? It is the raw power of glitter and sheer glamour that makes it enchanting to own and wear one. When we decide to purchase jewellery, it is best to check out the well established high street jewellery shops and online jewellery shops. Whilst online jewellery shops offer an in depth view of the product and it's pricing the street end jewellery marts give us the real feel when we test wear it. The online jewellery shops help us understand the product better and give us an insight of the range, depth, design, availability and affordability. The exclusive high end jewellery shops when visited give us the feel of wearing one even before we own one.

We are aware that purity of any substance translates to expense. This is a reality check that we have to do in order to decide upon the jewel to be purchased. Purity is measured in units known as "karat". A unit of purity in gold is 24 karat. Each karat is indicative of the purity of the metal. Gold is usually mixed with copper or silver to harden it and make it malleable for conversion into ornaments. If a piece of jewellery is made using 18 parts of gold and 6 parts of copper or silver then purity is18-karat gold. Higher ratio means purer quality. Purity of precious stones is measured in "carats". In this purity check 1 carat equals 0.200 grams. This index is indicative of the purity and helps us decide on where our purse strings end.

We have to identify what jewel we are looking for and for what event. Most shops deal with art deco inspired jewellery, ethnic jewellery, wedding jewellery, and jewellery for all occasions. Once we recognise what we want, then we must take the next logical step, where to buy them? A search for shops and jewellery outlets for specific needs would reveal what we are looking for. The best place to search would be the web.

Under the circumstances, how do we choose the right jewel? Salient points to consider:

  • Reliability - Study which jewellery shop can be relied upon. Seek out jewellery shops that are established and have carved a niche market for themselves.

  • Variety - A sizeable array of jewels from which to choose from depending on occasion and taste.

  • Purity - Check for purity of metal, gemstone and other precious stones that are offered by the jewellery shops.

  • Value - Ornamental value and would it stand the test of time and is it worth investing in.

  • Affordability - We have to introspect if it is really essential to invest in the jewel and not have to regret later.

We are all inclined to think what is fashion today is history tomorrow! So, 'caution' is the by word before any expense is effected. Happy shopping!