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AW RUST is the leading retailers of genuine leather goods in the UK.They have over 60 years experience in the industry. They stock all manner of leather suede, sheep skin products, designer coats, accessories, and much more.AW RUST offer products with exceptional quality, and durability. Their huge range of items suits all ages, gender, hobbies, business and interests. They have uniquely designed fanciful products to functional products.
AW RUST offers 1 year warranty for all its products and free repairs except for a few exceptions. They have no quibble return policies. They give way for confidence and secured shopping. You will surely find a quality gift of your choice.

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Leather Care products, Leather Trousers, Leather coats, Leather Skirts, Corporate clothing, Leather bags and handbags, Sheep skin Coats, and other accessories.

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AW RUST accepts credit cards and debit cards online and have security encryption for safe online shopping. We do check our partner websites for quality and security, but you must also make sure you are using reputable online shops that provide security encryption for their pages where you make payments.

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Member Reviews

Customer service, what customer service. I paid extra to have my item delivered next day and it didn't arrive even though the confirmation screen gave me a next day delivery date. I've tried all day to talk to their customer service and have only managed to speak to an answer phone and none of my messages were returned. I would not recommend AW Rust unless you were not in a hurry for your item
Recently I bought some leather items from AW rust and I am happy about the quality and reasonable price. Since this is my first experience and I decided to buy leather items regularly without any hesitation. Customer service is fantastic and prices are really competitive. I am very much confident about their service and would not hesitate to recommend to anyone.
Last winter I got a brown leather jacket from AW rust. Here vast collections are found at affordable prices. Quality is fine and recently I ordered a black skirt and it arrived yesterday. This one suits me well and I struck a fantastic deal with AW rust.
Well, this is my first experience to purchase some leather items through online shopping. And i bought one leather hand bag from AW Rust that looks rich and with good quality. I ordered online and it arrived within 48 hours. Really good.
They are well known for leather wears. I have purchased so many times from them. Recently I ordered one leather jacket and got it two days back. I am very pleased with the customer service.
James Shaw
Firstly on this retailer you gain one of possibly the largest cashbacks on your order, this is brilliant and ensures you save even more.Free delivery on everything, this is fantastic as postage and packaging for leather jackets i would presume would be quite steep.Excellent range of products prices are quite steep but they are leather jackets so they're fairly reasonable prices to say you get them delivered free.Customer service is also stunning if you seek further help on choosing a product.
This online shop has a huge range of leather items. I ordered a leather hand bag in AW RUST using edeals cash back directory and received 2% cash back on my purchase. The bag was delivered on time. Their service is good.
Recently I decided to buy couple of leather items from this AWrust online cloth store, searching for those items for more than one hour and finally found them. I placed my order and received delivery only after a week. Very expensive compare with other stores, so I wouldn't recommend.
I had ordered for a black satin-finished midi from AW Rust about 15 days back, and I was promised that I would be delivered the stuff within a week, maximum. I am still waiting for my order! I have contacted the customer service of this company many a times, but to no avail. It is ridiculous! Just imagine having to wait for an order for more than 2 weeks and still having no trace of it at all! Doesn’t that sound absurd? I am in a dilemma not knowing what to do. I really hope I get my order or atleast my payment back. I have kind of lost my faith from online shopping itself.
I find AW Rust products are very expensive, recently bought a brown leather mini skirt from this online cloth store but it was not perfect and I'm not going to order anything from AW Rust.
I have ordered an expensive leather handbag in A W Rust and they took almost two weeks to deliver it. When I enquired about my order in phone before that, they didn’t respond responsibly. I am satisfied with their products, but not with their customer service. Terrible experience indeed!
I have been purchasing all my leather items in AW Rust for past 3 years. I’ve had great service from them. Till now I did not face any problems with my items. Everything at great price and fast delivery. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.
I found wide varieties of leather products such as leather jackets, leather coats and leather trousers from AW Rust. I bought a casual leather bag with rich look. They have many styles and lots of sizes. The bag was just as good as the pictures on the site. It arrived the day after I ordered it. The prices on your site are unbeatable and my experience with your site has been incredible. Keep it up.
It’s my first experience, to purchase from AW RUST Online Leather shop, i bought a beautiful leather coat but unfortunately i found some manufacturing fault on zips. A great surprise they immediately repaired and returned to me the next day with no questions asked. This site offers real value for money. I am very confident about their services.
AW Rust is a lovely store for leather jackets, leather coats and leather trousers. I bought my leather jacket and leather trouser from them and they look great. The worthiness of the pricing is perfect and I would recommend AW Rust to anyone.