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COMPUTER BOOKS in the UK has a wide range of online selection of over 9000 books in their database. They provide the ultimate resource of information on computer, internet and technical titles, Business Books, e-Learning Courses, wine books and more.
They partner with big companies which have related sources to offer great bargains.
They are committed to prompt service and speedy delivery. They have exciting computer books that can be viewed with the in-depth descriptions of each title. You have the search option on each page where you can search for the book you want. The site provides quick mode of access.

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Computer Book Categories including Accounting, Business Books, CAD/CAM, Certification, Computing, Databases, Programming and more. Business Books Categories including Business Studies, Business Strategy, Careers, Finance, Management, Self Employment, Skills and more. Wine Books including Buying/Tasting, Cocktails, Grapevines, Fortified Wines & Brandies, Wine-History, Wine-Italian, Wine-Marketing and more. Books on many e-Learning courses.

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Shopping with COMPUTER BOOKS is very safe and secure. Their server uses an encryption program that secures all the confidential details through the internet. We make sure with our partner sites that they use security encryption for all the payments, you also confirm with the online shops for secured payments before shopping.

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Member Reviews

This is a very useful site for networking guys like me, who have to refer to so many books at time, to find out the solution for a particular problem. I find computer books very useful as it gives details about any genre of computer books available, both new and old. The site also has details of books from other fields as well, like Management, Business etc. The delivery of the books is also done as promised by the company. Also they give a 5% cashback facility! Awesome is it not?!
I am a software programmer in VB. I have to always keep myself updated with the latest in the programming field, so that I can keep pace with the changes and update myself. Computer Books keeps me in vogue with the latest updates in the field of programming. They also have books on sale in many other fields apart from software like networking, hardware, operating systems, spreadsheets, databases, word processing etc. Definitely a wonderful site!
I was just surfing online for a computer book for my daughter. Computer books store has introduced a book, windows 98 for dummies with basics of computers that are easily understood. I ordered a book online. And guess what? The delivery was exactly on time and much cheaper than other shops.
James Shaw
One of the best shopping communities. You even get a good percentage of cashback from edealsuk and the prices are already good value so you can't go wrong. Delievery is quick and reasonable a few business days and your item will be received.Discount rates are offered on some books and they have one of the best collection of books.
This is an awesome website with details of many hundreds of books, all related to computers! I am very crazy about electronic gadgets and computers, and I always am on the lookout for any piece of information that I get, on computers. This site also gives huge discounts which are real and shopping through eDeals also gives me extra cash back offers as well! Isn’t that wonderful?! Well yes, it is lovely and I have been utilizing these wonderful sites for more than a year now! Definitely a very good place to purchase books!
While surfing for a multimedia book in the internet, found this ComputerBooks store in edealsuk shopping directory. Just signed up, ordered a ‘Guide to Streaming Multimedia’ book and received 5% cashback from edealsuk. The book was very helpful and this online book store is having wide range of books for various subjects. I need some more computer books and going to buy from them.
Andy West
It is a well organized site that has many books that allow the buyers to choose from. I’ve been a customer of theirs for more than two years. They also help the beginners, developers and students by guiding them on which books to be referred, once they enter the titles. They deliver the books at cheaper rate.
It provides discount rates for some books. They levied high service charge for the delivery of books when compared to other shops. But they deliver the books on time.
It’s a good site for buying computer related books and other management books. I bought many books related to computers. Their way of responding to the customers is really good. They are having latest versions of all programming language books. They deliver the books quickly.
While I am surfing i found computer books and business books with detail titles for computer user like me. They also inform programmers, computer users, Internet surfers and students about which books they should read and buy. Delivery is quick and cheaper than other shops.
Admirable value. It is a well organised book shop with wide range of computer books and easy to choose from. The book which I bought it from Computer Books store was as comprehensive and detailed as it can be and I enjoyed every word in the book. The delivery is quick and much cheaper than other shops. Over all good.
Patricia Davies
It is a great site for shopping computer and business books. They have all the latest and best selling titles, most available for immediate despatch. Delivery is quick and much cheaper than other shops. Over all good.