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BOOKS DIRECT in the UK is your guide to a selection of UK book clubs tailored for both general and special interests. They guide you to 20 UK book clubs depending on your interests including, The Ancient and Medieval History Book Club, features books from prehistory to the end of the middle ages.
Art Guild brings the world of art into your home offering you the most lavish and most authoritative books on the art world.
BFC offers great educative and innovative books for children, giving your children a head start.
Fantasy & SF Book Club is a gateway to the best books on Fantasy and Science fiction.
Mango is the ultimate book club for girls on the go, who love Fashion, Passion, Scandal and Hot Action.
Military and Aviation book society will take you to the heart of war and you will have a chance to visit sites of Military and Aviation interest including Waterloo, RAF Duxford and more.
World of Mystery and Thriller offers books that shake you up and make you shiver. You can satisfy your thirst on mystery and adventure.
Railway book club is designed exclusively for railway and transport enthusiasts.
World Books provides high quality of books at heavy discounts and many more.
They provide you with reliable and efficient service by delivering order to your door. You are guaranteed massive saving all the time. You have the advantage of home trial, and you can return the books within ten days if you are unhappy. A colourful site of books that is easy to access.


Adventure, Art, Bestsellers, Biography, Children, Cookery, Crime & Mystery, Female Fiction, Fiction, Health & Beauty, History, Home & Gardens, Science Fiction, Reference, Transport and more.

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