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ACTIVITY GIFTS has exciting array of adventurous products as it name suggests. It is packed with over 400 exclusive experiences that suits for all ages. ACTIVITY GIFTS offers products ranging from tank driving to monster trucks and sky diving to pampering breaks. Once in a lifetime experience starts with the gift pack and finishes with a fantastic day or a weekend. The hassle free packages include everything from safety equipment, overalls, and instruction and necessary memberships to governing organizations. It offers 100% no quibble guarantee and assures for best quality, and safety. ACTIVITY GIFTS is perfect for the present that will be remembered always.

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Flying experiences, Driving experiences, Action activity gifts, Classic experience, Indulgence gifts, Water and sport gifts, and much more.

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Member Reviews

Chris Farrand
Hi Last Christmas me and a friend purchased an 'egyptian inspired pamper retreat for 2' weekend away for our partners.As my partner was 6 months pregnant at the time and my friend and his wife were trying for a baby we thought it would be a nice surprise and something to look forward to. They have been excited about it ever since,discussing what they should wear for the evening meal(even buying a new outfit for it),and looking forward to getting away from it all and relaxing with a few glasses of wine and such. Anyway to cut a long story short they were brought down to earth with a bang when they arrived at the so called 'luxury retreat'! When they arrived they were greated by Barbara and shown round the HOUSE.We were assuming that it would be a hotel or something a little bit grande. The TV room was in fact Barbara's lounge and her husband was sat there watching tv. They were informed that the evening meal would be ready around seven and were horified to see that the table where they were to eat was set out for 4 and it seemed they were having tea with Barbara and her husband.The evening wear they had bought for the occasion was a waste of time! The horror didn't stop there when they were shown to their so called 'luxury rooms' one of them was en-suite and the other wasn't,to their amazement when they opened the wardrobes they were full of Barbara and her husband clothes and it seemed my partner was actually staying in their bedroom!! They were expecting to have a few drink's in the bar that evening but as an alternative were offered 'cordial or water'. They were shown to the treatment rooms which are described as having a lovely egyptian ambience to them.It's just a bed in a room nothing egyptian at all. Barbara said they could relax in the conservatory which they inform me was more of a lean too and with not enough room to swing a cat! Luckily they hadn't taken their cases into the house so they made an excuse that they were going to the car for something and left.Then they phoned me and my friend sobbing their hearts out which made us feel responsible and guilty as we had sent them there. I can't believe that we are the first to complain about this as we feel it is totally unacceptable for you to be sending young women to go and stay in a complete strangers house.I can see that you could go there for a few hours and have a few treatment's that would probably be ok but under no circumstances should they be offering over-night accomodation,it is not a hotel or B&B it is a house! All your other ladies weekend's are to a such a high standard we thought this would be the same perhaps we have trusted you too much and been a little naive but I have been on a few of your experiences and they have alway's been well organised and the accomodation is to such a high standard. Just beware of this company as I reported the above mentioned problems to them and they shall we say weren't very forthcoming with a solution!
It was a great experience! I was searching for a special gift for my mother. She loves cooking so I selected chocolate making workshop class to present her. I know she liked this workshop and we will also get some nice chocolates to eat!!
I was dreaming for many days about the Dolphin Marine experience. This became true only because of Activity gift shop! They made an effective service and I really enjoyed the trip with my family!
I am not a happy member of activity gifts. Recently I purchased a glass item. They delivered that item a week after the promised date. And the item was also broken into pieces. No more dealings with them.
I am not a very happy customer of Activity gifts. I recently purchased a gift which was a glass item that had two teddies on top of it. I saw it online and liked it very much. I thought I would gift my boy friend with it. I quickly ordered the gift and gave my boy friend’s address for delivery. When I asked my boy friend on the promised date if he liked the gift, he asked me which gift! I was very much hurt. I contacted the customer service and was told that it would be delivered within 2 days. After 2 days my boy friend did get my gift, but it was delivered pathetically, with the whole unit being broken! My boyfriend did not like it at all, but thank God, he did not show his anger on me. We just left it at that and decided never ever to buy anything from Activity gifts.
I found many lovely products in AI Gifts, beautifully presented and packaged which i bought for my sister to present on her birthday occasion. She was really amazed when she opened it. Because it was in such a lovely coloured jewel box which she searching for a very long time. Well satisfied. With a crystal of joy we celebrated birthday party. Easy to order good service, delivery fast.
I wished to present my mother an unforgettable gift for this mother's day. So I surfed in the sites to found my dream gift. Soon I found Activity gifts. So far I have been missed an excellent website. My mom is interested in cooking. She will be trying new recipes at home. So I decided to present her weekend cookery classes conducted by Thai Cookery class. She was very much surprised with my gift and myself felt great for making her happy on that day. Services are gentle and a great site to surf.