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About the BBC SHOP

The British Broadcasting Corporation remains a powerful force providing information, education and entertainment captivating millions of viewers and listeners around the globe. BBC is a division of BBC worldwide distributing its products to the European countries.

They are the multi-channel retailers selling over 4,000 products including Books, DVD’s, and Video’s, Audio books, toys and more. You can find all your BBC favourites under one roof. They provide easy access to the complete range of BBC Worldwide Published products and also BBC related products. They stock Books on all subjects and you have the convenience of browsing by subject. For the ease of shopping they update you with the new releases for all products. Most of their orders are processed within one working day. If the products are returned in its original condition within a time frame, you will be fully refunded including the delivery cost for the UK. There are reasonable offers for some products without any hidden costs, so start saving more knowledge. BBC has an easily accessible website for easy online shopping.

Product Categories

New Releases, DVD/Video, Books, Audio Books, Magazines, Toys, Games & Other, Browse by Subject, Gifts and more. They have a special store called DOCTOR WHO store where you can find all the DOCTOR WHO products.

Safe hands

BBC is committed to maintain the confidential information provided by you. They use advanced internet security system to safeguard your Data. All the datas you send including your credit card or debit card number, name and address, are all encrypted and converted in to code before it is transmitted across the internet. So, secured online shopping is guaranteed.

Extra cashback on BBC online Book Shop

You can avail 3.5% cashback when you shop in BBC Shop through our shopping directory. This is in addition to the sale prices, special offers and discounts offered by the online shop.


Member Reviews

Emma Watson
Honestly saying that I have not seen such an online shop selling everything from books to games under one roof. Great bargain in prices and good value for money. I love BBC Shop!!!!!!!!!
I needed some books and toys for my kids. I don't like to sit and search for a long time on the net and i need them all from one place. Then i found this BBC shop in edealsuk site. I'm pleased with this BBC shop as i got my things delivered on time. Has a lot of things and highly recommended!
BBC online book shop has poetry books, which are very good. I purchased a poetry book online, the price is a bit high compared to other online shops but the service is very prompt.
This online shop has very good collections of books. I deal with this shop for more than a year. I ordered a book through Edeals and I got the delivery on time. I could not find any fault in their service till date. I am a satisfied customer of BBC.
James Shaw
I would honestly say that this site does overcharge slightly on their products im afriad i say. However, they have alot of decent products. I bought from here due to being given a gift certificate for it so therefore, i was not bothered about the cost of items. Its fantastic to see they run competitions as well which i recommend you enter.
I am a very happy customer of BBC for the past 3 years and from the past one year I have been shopping online through eDeals. I have found many bargains and discounts from the BBC online shop and have bought atleast one book a month, for more than a year now. I also get cashback offers from eDeals site and so that allows me to save more money. Both the sites are excellent sites and I am only thankful to my friend Nicky, who had introduced me to these sites! BBC shop is a reliable shop and the service including the delivery is very much on time. In case they fall short of an order, then they keep me informed about this and also make necessary arrangements to deliver the same as soon as possible. Good service indeed!
I purchased ‘My Family Series: Series 7’ DVD in BBC shop and I am amazed with their incredible price and prompt delivery. Not only DVDs, they also have wide varieties of toys, magazines, clothing, audio books, books and plenty more. With BBC shop, I need not search for the latest stuff around.
I found large collections of books for all ages. Web’s easy to use and quickness of delivery was excellent. They have lots of collections such as BBC DVDs, BBC videos, BBC books, BBC toys, BBC games, BBC CDs, BBC tapes, BBC VHS, and magazine subscriptions. This is a great place for book worms like me.
On every visit I usually find something new and interesting in BBC Book Shop. Highly enjoyable store to get nice books and an amazing site with excellent collections for book worms like me. Has lots of things would recommend to a friend!
Excellent shop and all my orders have been delivered on time in excellent condition. They have lots of stuff including BBC DVDs, BBC videos, BBC books, BBC toys, BBC games, BBC CDs, BBC tapes, BBC VHS, and magazine subscriptions. I like their huge film DVD collections ranging from comedy to drama. Shopping with BBC Shop is a pleasure and I highly recommend this site to everyone.
overpriced place to shop. not great service either
I was far more impressed with the site than I thought I would be. They had an incredible range and there was no problem with the cashback element.
This is a brilliant site - well worth a look around. No hassle - everyting is easy to find and their stock is quite expansive. No hesitation in recommending this site whatsoever.
R Hart
An excellent retailer, first class service and delivery. They stock just about everything. I had no problems with receiving the cashback as well. An excellent site that I have no problems recommending. ;)