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Tesco Groceries - Shopping online

Tesco Groceries is an online grocery shop in UK . You can order your favourite fresh food, organic food and other groceries by online and get delivery to your home. So you save your time and money and make your work easy.

Products sold in Tesco Groceries

In Tesco Groceries, You can get all types of groceries and recipe ideas.

In food & Drink it has several categories- Fresh food, Fresh fruit, Kitchen cupboard & Frozen food.
Fresh food - Bakery & Cake items
Fresh Fruit - Vegetables, Fruits, Meat, Dairy items & readymade meals etc.,
Kitchen cupboard - Cooking ingredients, Tins, packets & Jars, breakfast cereals, biscuits, snacks & sweets.
Frozen food - Chips, Vegetables etc.,
And also it has products for babies, Pets and other home necessaries.
You can save money to choose the special offer products.
Buy groceries from Tesco Groceries shop, and enjoy your food.

Safe online Shopping

Tesco Groceries shop has a common mode of secured online payment method with credit cards and debit cards with security encryption as well as the latest technology and security features. For quality and security, they always check our partner websites. But when you make payments, you must also make sure that you are using reputable online shops that provide security encryption for their pages where you make payments.

Extra Cash back Deals

Do shopping in Tesco Groceries shop and earn extra cashbacks!

Spend some money in Tesco Groceries shop and get some money from cashback. When you shop online Tesco Groceries shop , you will earn £2.50 extra cash back on Tesco Groceries( Get £2.50 when you register and shop for Tesco groceries for the first time online.). You will not pay anything extra by using our cashback site and we will never charge you any money for shopping through us. You get EXTRA cashback just for using our shopping links.


Member Reviews

I was searching for a better online site to get my groceries and found this Tesco grocery shopping site. The got them delivered soon. I am happy with the cash back that I got on my first purchase. Yes sure it does save my time and money.
Shannon Stewart
I tried shopping with tesco online store. I got my relieved from my monthly tensions. No more scoldings from my wife. I just go to my favorites that are saved from my previous purchase, just edit the quantity I need and shop it. I get my things in time and everything is in stock all the time. I am sure Tesco grocery store makes it tension free and my job much easier.
Claire Jones
Its good to shop with the online store. I am sure it takes little time and the are delivered soon. But the delivery charges bother ne a little. May be its good when you purchase your monthly stuffs. But if its just one or two products then you may have to re consider it. Otherwise I am happy with the service, I always have a smiling face for Tesco.
I Love online shopping and I am addict of it. Recently I bought some groceries from Tesco and surprised of their reliable and quick service. And shopping in this edeals site gave me £2.50 Cashback and this is an additional plus. Unbeatable service with great discounts. Why don't you go ahead with Tesco Groceries online?
I have been a frequent shopper in Tesco groceries for a long time. This has been a very reliable brand. The delivery is quick and reliable and the billing is accurate. All items that are ordered are correctly delivered. Good service indeed.
C Phillips
Shopping online for groceries has been much more convenient with Tesco! This has been a very reliable brand for the past many years. It is only a pleasure to be shopping with this company. The delivery is quick and reliable and the billing is accurate. All items that are ordered are correctly delivered. I have had no problems with Tesco so far. Good service indeed!
I have been using tesco groceries online store for all my groceries shopping for the past two years and ordering is very easy. Whenever I do shopping, I always click the special offers section in the home page and buy many items with the help of it. Especially the bakery items and the Poultry products are very cheap. I have had probelms about 4 times and they were solved very quickly. I like the option of substitution and the way of delivery. A good online grocery store to recommend.
With everything you find instore and much much more this all makes for a very easy and stress free shopping experience. without the trolley on the back of the heel. A must.
Not the best for online shopping grocery wise although not bad. Keep an eye out for voucher codes for discounts and free delivery - makes a difference!
I have always put off buying my food shopping online as i always thought i would be given all the manky old meat, and other fresh food that was just on their sell by date. I was definately proved wrong thought !!. My order took a while to complete the first time but was pretty straight forward. I got the delivery slot that i wanted and the shopping came within that slot. Can't fault Tesco for their service and would use them again in the future.
Use tescos for your shopping online and save yourself the time and hassle of doing it yourself. Your shopping lists are saved in your favourites so 2nd time around you can do the shopping in 10-15 minutes. Delivery cost between £3.99 and £5.99 but if you use an e voucher code which are freely available on search engines or ebay for around 99p you will save £5.00 - £15.00 of your bill or earn up to 1000 clubcard points which are worth £40.00 in clubcard deals. GO FOR IT
The first time you use the online service it actually takes you a considerable amount of time to find your way around the online shop. However, if you're like me then the majority of your shopping basket is the same every week and once you've placed an order, it is saved in your order history section. This means you can get it back up on screen and just add or delete any other items. This saves a great deal of time. I will add a couple of points for consideration though. Although it is very convenient having your groceries delivered to your door. If you shop every week then over a 12 month period you will be spending in excess of £300 on delivery charges. Think what you could buy with £300! Also, if they don't have one of the items you ordered in stock, then they send you an alternative which isn't always that logical. For instance, I ordered some frozen yorkshire puddings and was sent some frozen stuffing balls as an alternative - It didn't really make sense to me.
In my opinion, Tesco is the best place to shop for all your grocery needs. Like many people, I do not always have the time to plan a weekly shop let alone actually do it, so I rely on Tesco to help with it. It is very easy to navigate around the site and you are able to see a photo of exactly what you are buying. There are many good deals on and promotions (especially for clubcard users). Despite the delivery being £5.99 which might seem a bit pricy to some, it is worth it if you don't have a car or even the time to lug around 30 odd kilos of shopping. Once you have registered you can choose for Tesco to remember your items in your "favourites" folder, which saves you more time the next time you need to fill that fridge. Overall an excellent site and service,recommended to all!
A Weir
Tescos are a huge company and I find their home delivery to be above average in service. If any items are missing from your groceries, I suggest ringing them up and they will refund you the full amount from your shopping bill. The drivers who deliver the food always look tired and slightly agitated from long days and heavy shopping loads, but if you're lucky you will come across a happy one! Food choice is excellent with this store, and you can find discount codes on the Internet to reduce the amount you pay for your food even further. Check the delivery days before booking your slot, you might find that you pay £2.00 less in delivery costs on certain days of the week. Thumbs up from me!