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Tesco Entertainment is online shop to buy CDs, videos, computer games and DVDs. It gives special offers for more DVD's.

Products sold in Tesco Entertainment

It has new releases or prereleased DVDs for Action, Animation, Children, Comedy, Documentary, Drama, Health & Fitness, Horror, Music, Science Fiction, Television, Thriller, War and World Cinema.

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Tesco Entertainment has a common mode of secured online payment method with credit cards and debit cards with security encryption as well as the latest technology and security features. For quality and security, they always check our partner websites. But when you make payments, you must also make sure that you are using reputable online shops that provide security encryption for their pages where you make payments.

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Member Reviews

Alex Lehio
Merely a good site to purchase and I’m overall pleased with the service. Would recommend this site mainly for its fast and Hassle - free service. I can rate Tesco 10/10.
I don’t know when I started to purchase in this site. The count will go above hundreds. I'm very much pleased with Tesco for its unbeatable collection at reasonable pricing. Would recommend this site for any one for its kind and fast service.
Alan Cole
I feel Tesco is one place for all your DVD rental needs. They stock wide range of DVD titles I have ever seen and their rental schemes are really very convenient. When I asked them to get me a collection of old releases, which they never had, they took every effort to get me those. I am very happy with their customer service. I would unhesitatingly recommend Tesco for my friends and well wishers.
Arthur Wang
I am crazy about music, especially of my favourite star Celine Dion. I love all her songs. I am happy I got to know more about this site of Tesco, not only because of the fact that they have the latest and the best list of songs with them, but also for their superior sound clarity and excellent prices as well! Thanks to my friend Cathy who had actually introduced me to this site.
My son is a movie buff and when I searched for a perfect gift, I found the gift subscription with unlimited DVDs in Tesco. He really enjoyed it.
I have been a member of Tesco Entertainment store for over a year now and impressed by its good selection of DVD's, CD's, music downloads, books, game and DVD rental service. Being a member of edealuk I gained 1.5% cashback for my membership of Tesco. I bought blue ray 3 DVDs for the prices of 2 and the quality of the picture is so nice, really I recommend this online entertainment store to anyone.
I recently visited this site.Im very much interested in reading books. There are strange collections of books regarding to art, gardening, science and nature.I owned some of the books namely breaking the mould new approaches to ceramic, glass beads. Excellent service and fast delivery.