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It has PlayStation 2, Sony PSP, GameCube, GameBoy,Xbox, Xbox360 & Nitendo DS. It has Cables and Adapters for Sony PSP. It offers Batteries, MemoryStics, VideoRecorders, Faceplates, PSPTvAdapters, Consoles, CarMountKits, Repair Xbox, GameBoyAdvance, Dreamcast, DVD/VCD/MP3, Classics, PCStuff, PlayStation, Gadgets&CoolStuff, Tools, PlaySTation3, NitendoRevolution & iPod.

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Hey hi, Last week I purchased one memory card from Consoles and Gadgets. Quiet impressed of their quick delivery. Also another attractive feature is that I received cashback from edeals for using their site. I feel very happy about it.
Bought play station2 from consoles and gadgets online store. It is a bit expensive but received it next day. I was happier with my purchase when I got cash back from edealsuk shopping directory.
Bought Playstation 3 game console from Consoles&Gadgets shop and I feel it was little bit expensive. Ordered it online and the very next day received a phone call from this online gadget shop to confirm my address details and it was delivered the next day morning. That's cool.
My PS2 console had a major issue and when I rang them up they told they will solve it. Their repair service is quite amazing that they are able to make it fine. Many thanks to them! My son is very happy to play with it again.
I recently purchased a memory card adapter for my PS3. Incredible prices and on time delivery impressed me more than anything. I was happier with my purchase when I received cashback from edeals for using their shopping directory. I would never opt any retailers for my console needs.