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HMV is the UK 's leading retailer of Music, DVD/Video, Computer Games and related products all at lower prices.

HMV offers Free UK delivery for all their customers; they really are the Top Dog for Music, DVD & Games!

HMV also have some CDs & DVDs that you won't find anywhere else, being exclusively to them.

Products sold by HMV Music Store

Rock and pop CDs, easy listening CDs, Jazz and Blues CDs, Classical, soundtracks, box sets, music singles, music albums, videos, DVDs, games, Xbox, PS2, Gamecube, books, Game Boy Advance, PC CD Rom, Sony PSP, Nintendo DS, Hardware, UMDs, digital downloads .

Safe HMV Music Store Online Shopping

HMV accepts credit cards and debit cards online and have security encryption for safe online shopping. We do check our partner websites for quality and security, but you must also make sure you are using reputable online shops that provide security encryption for their pages where you make payments.

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Member Reviews

hmv music and related products are explained in exact details in this site – you also have dvds, videos and door delivery too.
good info on hmv music and related products – dvds and videos too.... what's more, you have free door delivery on all orders
this is just about the site that gives precise info on hmv music, dvds, videos and related products of hmv. Hmmm.... good site
HMV is a well known online retailer for good music collections. You can find CDs and DVDs that are not found in any other musical shop. Well laid website, so it’s easy to choose any topic. I also got a cashback when I ordered via edealsuk shopping directory. Very friendly service.
HMV is a popular shop stocking wide range of CDs and DVDs. They have a good collection of musical CDs. I ordered some CDs online and got them delivered on time. The CDs were very good and original as well.
James Shaw
Well known and largely populated site that is loved by many of us including myself.I would strongly recommend this site to you.Cheap goods, huge variety, delivery which is free, good customer service, awesome layout, easy navigation and nice cashback from edealsuk. You have got to buy from this site you won't regret it.Goods come in mint condition and fast as well.
hmv is excellent shop, whether you buy online or on the street.
HMV is a great online store for music, video and DVD needs. I found their prices are average, not too low or not too high, well laid website, so choosing my favourite titles are very easy. Customer service is satisfactory as well as the delivery. Regularly updated &easy to use website, recommended.
An enormous site to navigate to get books including music, books, DVDs/Videos, computer games and other related products. They offer fantastic deals at low prices. A very friendly and efficient service, good value products, thank you.
OK - for choice, they are probably second to none. But perhaps not surprisingly they can't match the prices of some of the other online retailers. I guess this is due to the huge overheads they have in order to maintain the huge retailer network. To be honest though, if I'm after a CD, DVD of a game, I just want the best value I can get - I don't care where its from and HMV just aren't the best value on the vast majority of their products.
Just been onto this website as i saw some advertising that they were having a 70% off sale. All the sale items were put into categories i.e dvd - tv, dvd - film , cd's, boxsets etc etc , so this made it easier for me to search for the items i wanted more efficiently. The good thing amount ordering ordering with hmv is that no matter how small the order, delivery is always free. With certain other sites there is normally a delivery charge or delivery is free if your order is over £15.00 say. This normally entices you to order more things even though you don't neccesarily want them. I had to register my details , but this was just name address etc , but not bank details. I only had to fill them in at the actual checkout. Now whenever i want to buy again, i just enter my password and email address and they have all my details already there, so that saves a bit of time. My dvd's were delivered within the stated 48 hours and i got an email from HMV when they were despatched from their warehouse. I would definately use this website again, especially with xmas coming up !!!
Very good site - amazing choice of dvds and cds. Everything i ordered was in stock, easy to use site and delivered on time - even got a freebie thrown in! Highly recommended.
A great range with some really nice prices. I find goods are dispatcehd quickly (normally 3-4 days). I would highly recommend.
This is an excellent site. I find that they have more variety than other online music retailers and the prices are very competitive. Generally i have received my order within 3-4 days which isn't bad going and the contents have always been correct and very well packaged.
Sarah J
This is a very good site. Easy to navigate. Fantastic bargains with free delivery for most orders (although you have to order a minimum).
I love this site, you can also get some fantastic deals here. Delivery is free if you order goods totalling over a certain amount and is very quick. I have bought dvd's, cd's and computer games from HMV.
R Hart
What a great place to shop. The high street stores are brilliant, but on line service is extremely good with delivery of your goods very quick indeed. Loads of different types of stock available. Plus there is the fact of you earning cashback on your purchases.
A fantastic site for all your cd, book, dvd or video game needs. The offline stores are famous for offering fantastic deals at low low prices and the online site does the same. Delivery is free and can be expected up to 5 days from purchase. An excellent retailer and a great place to grab a few new DVD's while earning cashback for them!