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Science Museum is an online store for 100s of gift products, toys, gadgets and games for both children and adult. It has the collections related to science, technology and medicine and public science and technology.

Products sold in Science Museum shopping website

Science Museum offers Handy Gadgets such as

Voltaic solar backpack - To recharge your cell phones, cameras, two way radios.

Travel Machine - To calculate a step-by-step route, distance and journey time.
Bookmark Dictionary - Has 50,000 words and includes a spellchecker.
Tide clock - for accurate local forecast.
Science Museum offers Products for the home such as
Cookie Baking Kit, Egg perfect Egg timer, Pasta perfect pasta timer, Fresh finger odour bar, Lights, office items, radios and telephones.
Science Museum offers Kits for Biology, Chemistry, Construction etc.,
Science Museum offers games and puzzles , pre school games and radio controlled games.
And also Science Museum offers Globes and telescopes, clocks and weather stations etc.,

Safe Educational Toys Online Shopping on Science Museum

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Member Reviews

Didn't even know this site existed until i recently went up to the museum in kensington (which is totally free to get in and a fantastic day out). I ordered a metal detector from here,and my son loves it. They sell lots of gifts and gadgets, and quite a few retro items too. Very cool site. Delivery is about 5 quid, and that is whether you order 1 item or ten.