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Expedia is the leading online travel agent in the UK and is recognized throughout the world.

Expedia is the largest seller of travel online in the world, offering customers full service travel booking functions for any flight, car hire, hotel or packaged holiday.

Expedia's website has award winning Expert Searching and Pricing (ESP) technology that will give you the most comprehensive flight options available online. With ESP you can build complete trips combining flights, Hotels, ground transportation,you're your holiday destination activities.

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Flights, accommodation, packaged holidays, and car hire.

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Expedia accept credit cards and debit cards online and have security encryption for safe online shopping. We do check our partner websites for quality and security, but you must also make sure you are using reputable online shops that provide security encryption for their pages where you make payments.

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When you shop online with Expedia you will earn 2.5% extra cashback depending on the product you have booked with Expedia, by using our Cashback Shopping Directory.

This is in addition to the Sale prices, Special offers and Discounts offered by the online shop. You will not pay anything extra by using our cashback site and we will never charge you any money for shopping through us. You get EXTRA cashback just for using our shopping links.


Member Reviews

Cheapest way to travel. I booked with expedia and got free discount for my child. Good service. Recommend this site to all.
Kia Bailey
Expedia comforted my travel. They take care of our A to Z. I always prefer Expedia for all my trips.
Abegail Freya
Convenient way to travel. They guide us well. Attractive tour packages. I always choose Expedia for business trips.
I always choose Expedia for all my business trips and I found this is the cheapest one around with hassle free service. Simple to book online without any trouble. I love Expedia cause of their faultless service.
Our family has planned to go to Canada. Expedia offered a child discount for my kid. I was very happy. I would deal with expedia for all my tours in future.
James Shaw
Expedia an awesome company that we hear lots about on the television via the many adverts they have 'expedia let yourself go'.From this it represents themself as a good wealthy company that upholds a good reputation.This is true they are a great company that offers us as consumers a great service.If they have a special offer instead of the homepage a special offer page appears to save you time and hassle.The main expedia site is very professional and its all well created, nice and simplified for us all to use without consuming alot of time.Holidays are cheap i emailed their customer support once and it was a really complex query, this was answered in a professional manner in less than one hour.They're great and i would strongly recommend them as your main holiday bookers - awesome you can't go wrong with these.
Jonty Pearce
Expedia is actually my family travel agent, I must say! We have a family business that is successfully run for the past 60 years. Our business involves lot of travelling and out of country stays. Since Expedia is formed we have been regular customers for them, and why not, they have been so very friendly and helpful always, that one feels like opting their services again and again! We have been using their services from booking flight tickets, arranging pick ups from different airports, travel necessities, hotel bookings etc! And not even once since 1995 have we faced even a single problem or complaint with them! Not to mention the excellent service from eDeals site that gives wonderful cash back offers without which, we would be paying the complete amounts from our pockets! Perfect dealings indeed!
Melissa Knab
Our family has planned a trip to France this Christmas and Expedia offered the child discount for my two kids and I am very happy. When I enquired about the child discount with other air travel agents, some of them did not offer them and were very expensive as well. I saved a few pounds that I can use for my shopping. Thanks Expedia.
Neil Brown
Booking tickets is always easy with Expedia. They cover almost all the regions around the world and take the hassle out of travelling. However when I went to Japan, I had to book my flight with a different travel agent, because for Japan they deal with hotel bookings only. This is the only drawback with Expedia. Otherwise I am a satisfied customer and that too using edealsUK saves me huge cashback whenever I book my tickets. I don’t have any idea to change my travel agent.
Alison Clark
I chose Expedia for my holiday of a lifetime to Mexico. Expedia were the cheapest around and the service was flawless. They have a huge range of destinations to choose from and booking online could not have been easier. No anxious waiting for the tickets as they came well in advance.
A Weir
I have travelled with Expedia before, and found them to have excellent holiday prices. I have always had my air tickets delivered on time, or I was able to print my own air-ticket to take to the airport, thus avoiding lots of queuing! I think these guys have the whole travelling experience down to a fine art with bargain prices and no hassles. Any matters that needed sorting out were dealt with in a friendly manner on the phone. Excellent company I would highly recommend! If you use the KitKash website, you can buy yourself a £50 off a £500 or more holiday from expedia for 100 KitKash points.