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Dell is a world wide well recognized and trusted name and offers consumers the latest technology at a great price on their exciting range of products. As well as world-class PCs and laptops, the Dell product range includes printers, flat-screen TVs, cameras and PDAs. On top of Dells already great prices, there are always special offers, seasonal deals and monthly online special deals to be found on their website.

With Dell you can always be assured of the product you purchase to have the latest specifications, be fully insured against manufacturers' defects and to be backed up by a good customer support line - all these are a big 'MUST' when it comes to installing your new PC.

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Desktop Home Systems, laptops, software and peripherals, Business Systems, printers, flat-screen TVs, cameras and PDAs.

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Dell accepts credit cards and debit cards online and has security encryption for safe online shopping. We do check our partner websites for quality and security, but you must also make sure you are using reputable online shops that provide security encryption for their pages where you make payments.

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Member Reviews

Sarah Hall
Dell products are unbeatable. I have been using a Vostro for 4 years with no problems at all. I recently ordered three wide screen monitors for my office. The delivery was quick and the site was so easy to use.
James Shaw
The best and most amazing feature of this site is that a popup comes up asking if you would like to chat with a dell expert, there is always someone there who can offer you excellent and quality advice which is really helpful and useful. As well as having an immense range of products on the site they even have exclusive competitions you can enter while your browsing. Plus you can even get free gifts with your order.
I already own a computer and planned to buy a new laptop. I surfed through Dell and ordered a laptop with the help of their financial service. This is a brilliant idea for customers and I am pleased with their service.
Dell computers are a well known online computer shop. I like their service very much. They assisted me very well for selecting my computer. They guide their customers according to their need and requirement. I had purchased my computer 8 months back and I have not faced any problem till now.
Dell is my favourite online computer store and bought my computer and all accessories from them. Recently ordered a desktop Inspiron 530 and received on time. online ordering is very easy in Dell site as well as the navigation. I like their stylish logo and the system colour. Little bit pricey but well worth.
John Watson
The good thing about Dell computers is that they assisted me very well for selecting my first computer. I am an average computer user and had no idea on buying a computer. The customer service in Dell is very efficient that they advised me to get the right computer. I purchased before 6 months and absolutely had no problems with it so far. My friend introduced me to edealsuk cashback site and when I purchased in Dell using their directory I got a percentage as cashback. I would recommend Dell and edealsUK to anyone.
Sean Harrison
This site offers a good range of laptops with an offer for purchasing through the web
In my opinion this is the best place to buy all your computers/laptops and accessories. I had a desktop computer that was built to my own spec and was excellently priced. I wouldn't shop anywhere else.