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Bidz is an online Auction store in UK offering auctions for jewels, accessories and extremely expensive items. It offers online auction for 24 hours a day.

Products sold in Bidz

In Bidz online auction shop, you can get all types of jewelleries such as gold, silver, diamond, opal, emerald, pearl etc.

Bidz offers online auctions for watches , rings, precious gems and diamonds, necklaces , men's jewelry, earrings, bracelets .
Bidz offers online auctions for gold, silver, diamond, emerald, ruby, sapphire, tanzanite, aquamarine, opal, pearl, amethyst and topaz.
Bidz offers online auctions for furniture, gadgets, novelty, gifts and occasions, kitchenware, miscellaneous, musical jewelry boxes, pottery and glass.
Bidz offers online auctions for tool items such as hand tools, garden tools, electrical, cordless power tools, safety equipment, power tools, plumbing tools, painting tools and accessories and hobby tools.
Bidz offers online auctions for computers and accessories such as printers/scanners, palmtops, pdas, desktops/laptops, monitors.
Bidz offers online auctions for electronic items such as security systems, remotes, rechargeable batteries and kits, portables, headphones, dj equipment, car audio and video, audio and video, video game, systems/enhancements, televisions, telephones/fax, camera, mobile phones and appliances.
Bidz offers online auctions for home and garden items such as rugs, picnic and camping, home d?cor, garden items, candle, candle holders, bed and bath.
Bidz offers online auctions for toys, games and hobbies, slot machines/gaming, books, movies and music, music, cds, dvds, software, drives/multimedia.
Bidz offers online auctions for vintage apparel, t-shirts, sports apparel, men's hats, children's and women's accessories and bags.
Bidz offers online auctions for sporting goods, sport knives, outdoors, fishing equipment, camping and golf equipment.
Bidz offers online auctions for Health and Lifestyle products such as Fragrances Perfumes, Diet Nutrition and Beauty Products.
And also it offers online auctions for Luggage, Musical Instruments, Real Estate Land, Cars, Bicycles and motorcycles.

Safe Bidz online Shopping

Bidz shop has a common mode of secured online payment method with credit cards and debit cards with security encryption. For quality and security, we always check our partner websites. But when you make payments, you must also make sure that you are using reputable online shops that provide security encryption for their pages where you make payments.

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Member Reviews

I don't find any new collection of jewelleries except few ones. Not great in collection, but ok. But the delivery is fast and on time. Recommended.
To my opinion is little expensive and i am not satisfied with most of the products i received from bidz. Only the pictures in the site looks impressive, but not the product. And shipping cost sucks! Another pain killing thing is the customer service. No proper response and sometimes the speech end in an argument. Not recommended. Worst!
Bidz is an online jewellery shop in UK. I have been a regular customer of Bidz. They have a good collection of jewellery. The price is reasonable. Good service too.
James Shaw
One ultimate unique company that I would strongly recommend to everyone.I really like the way you can actually watch live auctions online and you can place live bids.This site is so much better than ebay as you know the bids will be going off shortly not over a long period of time.I bought off this site got a real bargain it came within 2 days neatly packaged and I was very satisfied with my product.
Jane Thomas
I have been shopping in Bidz for quite a long time and I am astonished with their range of Sterling Silver collection. I feel they are cheaper than high street retailers, but the shipping costs are little high. However, I am a satisfied customer of Bidz.
I am a new customer to Bidz and I found their jewellery collection amazing with real and genuine stones. I purchased a bracelet here and was very pleased with the purchase. Overall I appreciate their range of products and the site accessibility.
I have ordered a ring with them and when I received it, I was not happy with the design. So, I returned it and got immediate refund. All I have is only appreciation for them.
I have used Bidz online jewellery shop several times, bought many things, but never had any problem. Really it offers good selection of jewelleries and the majority of those items are in good condition. Sometimes Prices may be good, but the delivery time and the customer service is not that much good. The main things I like in this online store are the designs and the price, overall not bad.
I was very tempted to purchase from this site but being cautious nowadays I searched for Reviews on Google and was horrified by what I read! Additionally they are rated as a Red site by McAfee as they apparently send masses of spam emails when you register with them. In view of what I have read of other people's experiences I have decided against buying myself and just want to warn others to read reviews before buying.
The range of jewellery and the price is good for sometimes in Bidz, especially you can get good branded watches for cheaper price. Recently I bought a necklace for my wife's birthday, it was really different and reasonably priced. But their shipping charges are little bit high, but not very high. If anyone is looking for diamonds, gemstones, watches or luxury jewellery then I would recommend Bidz, a perfect online fashion jewellery shop.
I wish to present my wife a wedding anniversary gift and was searching for unique diamond collections. I found Bidz a complete online auction site for diamond jewels. I purchased a yellow gold ring with pink diamonds which was historically designed. There are wide ranges of antique collections. One of the largest diamond collection online site.
One of my friends introduced Bidz website. It is a live online auction site, specializing in jewellery and accessories. We have ordered two watches for me and for my partner and they have been delivered very quickly. The website was very easy to use and the prices were reasonable. Great auction site and I will use them again.