Microsoft Xbox 360 Buying Guide

Have you ever thought of buying a perfect gift for any occasion? Indeed there are no limits to the choices that can be had but if you want to buy an electronic gadget that has loads of features and lasts a long time, then maybe the perfect gift that you have in mind is a game console.

There are only a few top brands when we talk about game consoles. And one of these brands is the Microsoft Xbox 360.

The Microsoft Xbox was actually launched a few years ago and was instantly a big worldwide phenomenal hit. Then came the recent Xbox 360 with more advanced features.

The Microsoft Xbox 360 has a much sleeker design than the original Xbox with about the same weight. However, the Xbox 360 comes with a power supply which can be as heavy as a small brick. The Xbox 360 is available in two different bundles.

Whatever Xbox 360 you might opt for, you should bear in mind that you are not just buying an ordinary gaming console. You are buying an extremely versatile digital entertainment system - complete with a wireless internet connection, Xbox Live camera, hard drives, fast memory, and a video and audio player. Enjoy true high definition, cinematic and widescreen simulation gaming in the comfort and safety of your own home!

Xbox 360 Core

The Xbox 360 Core contains the basics of a gaming system. All you need to do is turn the power on, grab the control and enjoy your games.Xbox 360 Premium

Xbox 360 Premium

The Xbox 360 has all the features of the Xbox 360 Core plus a 20 Gigabyte detachable hard drive so you can save games and other data. This may cost significantly more, but with other extras like a media remote for viewing DVD, wireless controllers, and live headsets, you can certainly get all your money's worth.

Xbox 360 Elite

This beautiful bundle comes with a whooping 120 Gigabyte hard drive so you can store to your heart's content all those Xbox Live arcade games, movies and Xbox Live Marketplace TV. The Xbox 360 Elite comes in a classy premium black finish with a matching black headset and wireless controller.

Halo 3 Special Xbox 360 Edition

This is a special Xbox 360 bundle which will soon be released in a few months. It has the same components of the Xbox 360 Elite except that it only has a 20 Gigabyte hard disk. This console as well as the headset and wireless control will have a new Halo theme color.

Xbox 360 "The Simpsons" Edition

Fans of the popular cartoon "The Simpsons" will not just be treated to a movie release but with an Xbox 360 bundle as well. This edition is based on the Xbox 360 Premium bundle but the color is based on the Simpsons color. Only a very limited number of this bundle will produced. So if you are a Simpson's fan, grab this now while you still can.


If you want longer hours with you wireless controllers, there are many choices of batteries and battery charges you can buy.

Xbox 360 Vision Camera

Gaming is also about social connection especially that Xbox 360 has internet capabilities. If you want to see your gaming friends wherever they are in the world, you can buy this camera. This device integrates with the Xbox 360 very seamlessly.

Xbox 360 Memory Unit 64M

If you need additional disk space other than the bundled hard drive, this device can be a good buy. You can save you games and character settings with 64 MB of disk space and have portability to other Xbox 360 consoles. There are also memory models with higher capacity.

Racing Wheels

To get the best simulated gaming races, you may want to add racing wheels peripheral. The most popular racing wheels today include the Official Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel, Logitech DriveFX Axial Feedback Wheel, Madcatz Xbox 360 MC2 Racing Wheel & Pedals and Joytech Xbox 360 Nitro Racing Wheel.

Xbox 360 Faceplates

If you want to give your Xbox 360 different looks, there are plenty of faceplates available. Maybe you want to buy two or three and change your Xbox 360's "dress" every now and then to impress your friends or simply to reflect your moods. Many faceplates are scratch free.


If you lose your headset or you want to buy extra headset, or you just want to have third party headsets with specialized function, there is no problem finding one. The most popular headsets today are the Official Xbox 360 Communicator Headset (Live), Logic 3 Xbox 360 Headset and the Datel Communicator Headset.

Xbox 360 Remote Controls

To help you navigate through your Xbox 360, you need the remote controls. There are also specialized remote controls that you can buy. These remote controls include the Official Xbox 360 Universal Media Remote, Joytech Media Remote, 4Gamers DVD Learning Remote, Nyko Intelligent Remote, Venom DVD/Media Remote Control and Logic 3 Pro DVD Remote.

Cable and Adapters

A wide array of cables and adapters can be bought from third party manufacturers. So if you want to customize your Xbox 360 to be able to experience maximum gaming entertainment, grab some of these. The more popular cables and adapters include the Xbox 360 VGA HDAV Cable w/Optical Output, VGA DB9 Female/Female Gender Changer, Xbox 360 VGA HDAV Cable, Xbox 360 Component HDAV Cable, TV Video System Converter NTSC to PAL, 5 in 1 Multi HD Cable with Optical Output for Xbox, Ps2, Xbox 36 and Scart to AV+S-Video Input/Output Converter among others.

Speakers System

Sound effects have a huge impact on simulation games. So make sure you do not overlook this particular aspect of gaming. War and racing games can be more dramatic with thundering sound effects. Some of the easily available sound systems for your Xbox 360 include the SlouchPod Interactive Gaming Chair, Hercules XPS 2.160 Speaker System, Logitech Z-5450 Digital 5.1 Speaker System and Trust 2.1 Speaker Set SP-3300M.