Choosing a Travel Insurance Policy

When you save more and plan for an enjoyable holiday sometime, there are high chances for enjoyment and least chances for accidents, injury or theft. Though, you are an optimist, do you want to involve yourself in financial heart aches by paying unexpected travel charges or do you want to suffer from the loss of your possessions and pay thousands of pounds in an unknown country? It is often better to be safe than feeling sorry, when there are number of travel insurance companies around to cover you for all your travel expenses.

Benefits of Travel Insurance

You may always feel healthy but there are unexpected things waiting to happen in life. A heart attack in Germany will cost you around £30,000 and a hip fracture in London could tax you over £23,000. Your health will have added financial burdens and suffering, if you are not prepared to be safe. However, a travel insurance policy not only covers medical expenses but also, personal liability, loss or theft of possession, missed departure, property loss, hijacking and much more. With all these comprehensive coverage, it is easy to realise the benefits and needs for a travel insurance policy.

Typical Coverage

Choosing travel insurance is less expensive than spending millions of pounds for your holiday each year. Typical travel insurance policy covers around £25 each week abroad. The policy usually covers annual or single trip travel insurance where annual travel insurance covers you for the holidays you plan over a year and single trip travel insurance covers you for one specific holiday. However, you can save two and half times your payment on choosing annual trip insurance.

Some insurance providers offer family plan insurance that covers the entire family rather than taking individual policies. The premium amount you pay will vary depending on the policy cover you opt for. Travel insurance companies has expanded their policy plans to aid business executives through their business travel insurance plans covering business trips, office related equipments including laptops and more. This policy has an advantage of colleague replacement cover where you have the convenience to send your colleague in an event of your illness. Some policies cover back packers insurance for students or for travellers going away for a long period of time. They usually cover for three to eighteen months.

Common Exclusions

The insurance company will not pay you for an accident or injury on using illegal drugs. Some travel insurance providers may not cover you for winter sports and adventure sport such as scuba-diving, white-water rafting, wind surfing and trekking, unless an extra premium is paid. The cover for pre existing medical condition depends on the insurance provider you choose.


The premium varies according to the age and number of travel days. The minimum premium for 30 years without winter sports or baggage cover is £30. If you want to enjoy fewer premiums, you are likely to lose the discounts offered by the insurance company.


Excesses vary depending on the plans you claim for. Generally, an excess of around £15 can be claimed for cancellation, repatriation expenses and curtailment and personal luggage money and valuables. For aged people more than 65 years, these excesses are doubled.

How to Choose the Right Travel Insurance Policy?

Choosing an appropriate travel insurance policy involves a fair degree of home work to ensure that you have a good handling on policy coverage. There are many price comparison tools online to compare travel insurance quotes instantly. It is important to be honest to the insurance provider and enjoy the benefits adequately. Analyse your needs and find the best, affordable policy for you and enjoy the awaited holiday.


In this busy world of today, finding time to spend with family and friends is not easy. It is essential to make the rare moments a memorable one by remembering to take everything for a holiday including a travel insurance policy.