Choosing books for children involve the complete understanding of the child's taste and attitude in general and special interests if any. While choosing the books, take care to see that the content of the book is interesting to the child. Read out a few sentences and watch his reaction. If the subject, illustration or the styles of narration are capable of attracting the child's attention and to arouse his imagination, it is the signal to proceed further. The early books in the life of the child should kindle the urge to read more. The books should be able to enlighten the child and improve the capability for perception. The books also play a very vital role in the development of his personality.

Even though children generally like adventure, never give a book with content concentrated in violence. Creating fear or apprehension about people and events will make a negative impact in the child, which may develop aversion towards books.

Age is a very important factor which has to be taken into account. Age appropriate story books are to be chosen in order to make a positive impact in the children. As already cautioned, never create fear in their minds. Stories with violent contents should be restricted to the extent of making the child appreciate the victory of a good character over the bad one. Adventure books will be able to inculcate the importance of courage and strength in the growing child.

Stories relating to great personalities and scientific inventions are good reading. Depending on the age of the child, the standard of the book should also be determined. Whether it is mythological, historical, travelogue, fantasy or science fiction, it can be the subject matter, but the form and content should be appropriate to the age of the child.

For a kindergarten child, it can be pictures. Gradually the books with illustrations and alphabets can follow. Simple, short stories with lots of illustrations should be introduced to them. Cartoons and comics are better known tools in the evolution of books in the life of a child.

Before introducing or reading a book to the child, the parent or teacher should read it to make doubly sure that it is suitable for him. Child's special interests are very important. They may be pets, bikes, cars, aero planes, dancing, games or sports. Choose the right books to educate or entertain them.

The modern child, because of the wider spectrum of information to which he is exposed, is very quick to grasp the subjects in his thirst for knowledge. But the elders should know the art of developing the very kind of urge in him - a positive or constructive attitude in life.