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Leather lingerie doesn't give you a 'playboy model' look but at the same time is sensual and appealing. Lingerie made of leather is usually preferred by women who are confident, bold and beautiful.

The idea of lingerie made out of leather is new to many. Leather lingerie is not very popular when compared to other lingerie fabrics. This is because, for many, leather is still something which is worn to protect your body. Leather used to make coats and jackets are thick leather, it is thick in nature and restricts bodily movements. Unlike the thick leather, leather used to make lingerie is soft and comfortable.

Leather lingerie is gaining popularity. It sticks on to your curves in a very attractive way. So even if you have worn an elegant dress on top of your leather lingerie, your eye-catching structure will be exposed in a teasing way. When worn leather is cool, after sometime it absorbs your body temperature and becomes warm, leaving you comfortable and care free.

It's amazing to see the wide array of colours and types in which leather lingerie come in. Leather corsets, leather g-strings, leather bikinis, leather thongs etc are popular. Light creates a very sexy impact on leather. The glow on leather whispers about a hidden promise waiting for you beneath it.

Leather lingerie is a good selection when you want to really show off in front of your partner. Leather corsets paired with leather thongs will arouse him without doubt. If you are really daring take your guy out wearing leather bikini inside, leather will hug onto you teasing him every time you move your body. Do not complain if the food you ordered goes waste.

You can get leather lingerie to treat yourself. Slip in to a leather slip and a leather hot pant one evening and enjoy the feel of leather next to your skin. It adapts to your body so well that you can't help admiring yourself.

Leather lingerie can be shopped online. Women with extra sizes can also find Plus Size leather lingerie online. Find a reputed online lingerie store and browse through the styles and designs. While shopping lingerie online make sure that the online store has a return policy. Most online lingerie shops offers many discounts to the customers, you might get something really good at a very less price when you shop through our cash back reward websites.

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Leather Lingerie Online Shops:

You can choose your stylish, sexy leather lingerie from our Online Lingerie Shops section. We have provided detailed information of each lingerie shop about what they specialise in. For a complete list check our Sexy Lingerie Shops page.

  • ELingerie Leather Lingerie Store: Push-up Bra, moulded bra, Padded bra, Under wired Bra, Brazilian Brief and two piece lingerie sets.

  • Figleaves under wear shop: Underwired plunge bra, satin bra & shorts.

  • Lingerie Express Leather Lingerie Shop UK: Tapestry Lingerie Set, Robes, Under wired support bra, Fine Mesh bra with g-string, Chemise, Strapless Lingerie, Quarter cup, Doubler strap bodysuit, Garterbelt, Leather Shelf Bra, Lace Up Leather Bra, Full Lace Up Leather Corset, Lace Up Collar Corset, Full Lace Up Leather Corset, Leather & fishnet teddy and leather boned corset.

  • Wow Woman Designer Lingerie: Under wired plunge bra, brief, Satin bra & Shorts, Tankinis & Separates.

  • BonPrix Women Lingerie Shop: Open crotch thongs, Under wired Bra, thong and briefs.

  • Be Cheeky Designer Leather Lingerie: leather look thong, Lace Up Swimsuit, Woven back knickers, Fine chiffon thong.

  • Ann Summer Lingerie Collections: Spankers, restraints, leather bikini, Leather top, leather zip body, leather lace up Top, leather dress, leather bustier, leather chain body & harness.

  • Additions Direct Online Store: Briefs, harness, shorts, lace under wired bras, overlayed thong, satin briefs, stretch lace shorts, under wired lace bras, plain brief, hi-leg briefs.