Where do we get the best deal on a new computer? It is a very common question while you have the idea of purchasing a useful affordable system suiting your needs. Technical users can not be advised to buy a computer at lower configuration at full retail price. They want to choose the best deal on the most appropriate system suiting their technical or advanced specification. The advisable option is the refurbished computer from a reliable computer vendor that is both affordable and useful.


Refurbished computers are returned computers which are reconditioned by inspecting and repackaged and certified for sale. A computer is refurbished when it was returned by the customer and therefore could not be sold as a new system. The manufacturer makes the necessary repairs, replaces any missing materials and completes the product in a good working condition. The system is ready and certified for sale as "refurbished".

If you only need your computer just for surfing purpose, the internet sending and receiving e-mail, play some computer games, word processing and spread sheets and you are not doing machine intensive tasks such as graphics rendering or digital video work then buying a new machine is too expensive. Buying a refurbished computer doesn't mean that you have purchased an out dated machine. Most of the refurbished computers are still upgradable by allowing you to add larger hard drives, faster modems and more memory to your computer in the future.


Refurbished computers can be considered for office, home and school purposes. You can easily get a cheap used computer that has been refurbished at lower cost. Refurbished computers are useful for many people for many purposes.

  • Children for their initial learning purpose, playing games and more.

  • Business applications involving common features such as inventory and billing usage.

  • Internet browsing centres where multitude of users access rough handling of the system.

  • In schools where computer science practical are held for children up to the age of 10. Children of this age will not handle complicated programs and so a cheap computer with lesser memory and configuration will do.

  • Those who need a system for a limited period of time for limited application.

  • Occasional internet users who use internet only for browsing and online shopping.

  • If you have already purchased an expensive high configuration system for your office and you need to buy a second hand computer for your home with low cost without compromising quality.

You can get refurbished systems with the same specifications as a new computer for much less money with limited warranty. You can save around 70% of the price by purchasing a refurbished computer than a regular computer.

Whether it is a Laptop for schools, a Desktop for your home or office and other important purposes, refurbished computers meets the challenges of demanding technical advancement in all fields offering great value. There are many refurbished PC Desktops, refurbished PC Laptops, refurbished Macs Desktops and refurbished Macs Laptops in the market from major manufacturers including DELL, IBM, Compaq, Toshiba and HP.


Refurbished PC Desktops are useful if you want a PC to surf the internet or run standard MS office type applications. The price is less than £100 with standard configurations from branded companies.


Refurbished PC Laptops or used Laptops are professionally refurbished, freshly installed and licensed with windows 98.


Mac Desktops provides all second hand G3 & G4 power Macs-from the G3 beige to the G4 quick silver. They are all fully refurbished and the memory and peripherals can be adjusted to your needs.


You can add or remove components to produce your ideal laptop. Extra memory, hard drives and accessories can be configured to your needs.


After you decide to save more on choosing a refurbished computer, there are lot of key points to consider.

Purpose of Use

First think over the purpose on purchasing a refurbished computer

  • Mostly online work
  • Mostly offline work
  • For kids
  • For students
  • For business promotion
  • For business extension

Selecting your computer

Choosing a suitable system depends upon the purpose you are opting for a refurbished computer. For frequent usage you should choose a higher configuration and vice versa.

Certain features should be compared on purchasing a used computer. High speed (900MHZ-1200MHZ), More system memory (128mb-256mb), Hard Drive with a higher storage capacity (10GB-20GB), Modem (56k), Network (10/100 Mbps Ethernet network interface), Operating systems, Expansion slots and Upgrade.


Though there are wide ranges of refurbished computers from major manufacturers, they give only limited warranty period by providing minimum 3 months hardware warranty on refurbished Laptops and 12 months warranty on branded desk tops and laptops.


Your idea on purchasing a refurbished computer is not risky. You are guaranteed for complete diagnostic test, extensive examination of all the hardware components before cleaning and certifying each refurbished system. It will run all office applications and other browsing purposes as competently as the latest piece of technology. Many companies are unaware of this kind of a system resulting in a steady stream of low cost stock. This situation is not consistent, there is a growing awareness of refurbished computer and that will at some point be priced nearer their intrinsic value.