Beach Wear

Beachwear refers to clothing suitable for the beach. People like to wear beach clothes, since it gives ultimate comfort to the body. Men and women are usually very choosy about the beach wears for reasons that are relevant to each. Apart from the primary function of covering the body, they are intended to protect the body from the weather conditions. The beachwear also offers freedom of movements while swimming, surfing or skiing. These are the factors that decide the mode and pattern of the beachwear.


Convenient Cotton wear is the choice for those cool afternoons or beach volley ball breaks for women. It is usually a blend of cute and sexy appearance on the beach and a much preferred beach costume. Mini dresses made from combining light weight 50% organic cotton and 50% recycled polyester are the best. For added comfort there are beachwear with side pockets and drop waist with draw strings to make the piece more flexible. A wrap dress is a recommended choice for a perfect cover up suiting everyone. It is made of cotton and bamboo. Bandeau for women is an undergarment that women use for beachwear. It is also used as a kind of swimming costume or for beachwear. This is a top option for women. When wearing the bandeau brassiere must be made of Nylon or Lycra.


Sweat shirt will be suitable for men while lounging. For those who get chilly even with a light breeze, lengthened wrap hoodie made from 100% organic cotton fleece will be apt for the warmth they require, whether they are in the water or around the camp fire. It can also be worn as a jacket or used as a perfect dress with a pair of legging and flats. Havana shirt is both stylish and simple. Made from 100% organic cotton it looks good with either a pair of Khakis or Board shorts. The Board shorts are those men wear on beach. It is good for surfing, water skiing, swimming or other activities on the beach. Beach shorts with a draw string tie, a back pocket, and that fall above the knee are preferred. A perfect Zip up Hoodie is liked by many modern men.


There are many beachwear for children, both boys and girls. Cozy, simple and colourful beachwear for children add a special charm to the beach assembly. The beaches wear for children also available in various patterns and designs to cater the growing demands.

It is advisable to take beachwear out fits with UV protection. A sun hat also is necessary to protect oneself from heat waves, depending on the climatic conditions. There is an element of universality as far as beachwear is concerned. Irrespective of the country, the beach wear has many common features. But weather conditions are to be taken into account when choosing the beachwear.

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