Gold Jewellery maintenance tips

Gold is a highly durable metal. However, improper handling and maintenance of gold jewellery can lead to scratches and discolouration of your precious gold jewellery thus diminishing their beauty and value in the long run. Following are a few tips which will help you to safeguard your prized possessions from getting tarnished.

What is Gold?

Gold, chemically known as Aurum (Au) is a transition metal (hence will not easily react to heat, moisture, oxygen and other reagents in air). It is a highly ductile (property with which gold can be drawn into thin wires) and malleable (property with which gold can be hammered into thin sheets) metal. These properties make gold a jewel designer’s favourite among all metals.

Gold, when extracted from its ores is highly pure (24 karat). To increase the tensile strength of gold, small quantities of metals like copper or silver are mixed with gold. According to the amount of the gold present in the mixture, we can grade the purity of gold. For e.g. 22 karats, 18 karats, 14 karats etc.

Caring for gold jewellery

Caring for your gold jewellery is as much important as selecting the perfect one. Always remember - the glow and the original colour of your gold jewelleries can last forever with a little care.

Cleaning gold jewellery

It is very important that you should clean your gold jewellery once in a while. This is mainly to remove the thin coating formed on its surface when your gold jewellery comes into contact with natural body oil, lotions, soaps etc. If this coating gets accumulated on the surface, the jewel will lose its lustre making it dim and dull.

When gold (usually inert) is exposed to air for a prolonged time, it oxidizes and gets tarnished. It is important that this dark patina of oxides should be removed as soon as its gets deposited on the surface to prevent further discolouration of the jewels. Go through the cleaning tips and make sure the eternal beauty of your jewellery never fades away.

Detergent bath

Take warm water in a vessel and mix a little detergent (should be a mild detergent) to it. Drop your jewelleries into the bath and scrub it with an eyebrow brush or toothbrush. Once you have cleaned them, put them on a strainer and rinse them under the tap (rinsing with warm water gives better results). Later, dry them with a soft cloth.

Cold Water Soak

Take equal amount of coldwater and ammonia in a cup. Drop your jewellery in it for about half an hour. Take it out and clean it with an eyebrow brush or tooth brush. Put it in the solution again and take it out quickly. Leave the jewellery on a tissue paper and let it dry.

Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic cleaner is a small machine which is used to clean the gold jewelleries. The ornaments are usually placed in a metal cup attached to it. It cleans gold by creating a high frequency motion. It is important that you read the instructions before using an ultra sonic cleaner.


Buy a good jewellery cleanser. Follow the instructions carefully and clean.

Storing gold jewellery

Gold is particularly susceptible to scratches hence care should be taken when you store them. The best way to avoid scratches is to keep each piece of your jewellery separately in a different compartment of your jewellery box. If this is not possible, wrap each piece in a tissue paper or soft cloth as this will prevent it from getting tarnished too.

Make sure your diamond jewellery is kept separately because the other pieces of jewellery can easily get scratched by the sharp diamonds when they are kept together.

Don'ts while wearing gold jewellery

  • Chlorine (all halogens) is the greatest enemy of gold. Remove all your jewellery before you go for a bath in chlorinated swimming pools.

  • Make sure you are not wearing any rings or bracelets while preparing food (especially while kneading the dough) or washing the dishes. The harsh chemicals present in dish liquid will destroy the rare beauty of gold.

  • Don't wear studded jewellery while doing exercise or house hold chores. Or else there is good chance you will lose your precious stones.

Follow these simple steps and enjoy the dazzling beauty of gold for a much longer period.

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