The designer clothing is the symbol of fashion nowadays. Our society believes fashion as a way of expressing their status and lifestyle. This is the sole reason that designer clothing has become very popular. In tune with the changing trends, women more than men take the initiative to adopt themselves to the contemporary styles and fashions. The latest styles and trends combine the advanced technology with exquisite fabrics producing designer clothing, which the women crave for.


The designers create original garments as well as those that follow established fashion trends. Designer apparel has become extremely popular for the past decade. The trend is continuing. For example the designer clothes created from soft cotton enhanced with dazzling designs and colours adds a new dimension to the women’s choices. The flash of colours in basic shirts or pants bestows more to the fashion of today. The burn of detailing is unusual and trendy. A perfect fit will hug the body emphasizing the good stuff in clothing. In short the designer gives the clothing a new expression and a new perspective.


Women want clothing to enable them to express themselves in an unconventional way, and therefore prefer the designer clothing which fulfills their aspirations. That is why they love smokin'hot tee shirts, gray 'mash' tee, designed with swarovski crystals and chiffon bottoms.

Two wrap pieces that can double as skirts are also preferred by women. If you are more of a traditionalist try sub rust wrap unlike a more traditional poncho. This has a nice body hugging fit.

The women who hop shop to shop or resort to online shopping, often search for clothing made of soft cotton material in flattering earth tones and perfect fit. An angle cut at the top gives the slimming effect. They are cool, convenient and soft. Some prefer sleek and simple jeans, specially designed to their taste, but updated, in tune with the latest trend in fashion.


In a world of constant changes and evolving technology, dressmaking and costume designing have become a challenging task. The demands vary in accordance with the changes in the fashion. It also varies according to the changes in the weather. The age, physical features and profession of the woman also make an impact on her preference of clothes. But the designer's skill and imagination make the real change. The choice of material is also important. From pure cotton and wool, materials like silk, satin, viscose cotton, polyester and nylon are to be used depending on various factors. The designer's choice is the deciding factor but it is subjected to conditions and preferences of the consuming public - the women who crave for designer clothing.