Designer Watches - How do we select them?

Most people love to set a trend by owning a flashy designer watch, which in turn impacts on their status in society. But how many of us know which designer watch to select from the endless list of brands available?

As a first step, before we let loose our purse strings, we need to decide what we want in a watch? A watch for its function, type, durability or brand. Once this intelligent choice is made, it then becomes simple for us to set about searching for that perfect designer watch at an affordable watch line.

With both modern and classic watch styles to choose from, we have to understand that leading brands come with unparalleled lifetime warranty. When decision is made to own a watch we have to look at the basic requirement.

A watch selected for its type would invariably be divided into two major categories, gender specific watches and category based watches. Category based watches are built for specific function. For instance scuba diving, swimming, snorkeling, mountaineering and adventure sport. Many of us eye a watch that is rugged in look and manly when worn. But is it really necessary for an office going life? This is precisely the reason why a watch should be selected based on its function. Strap style is another choice that many of us have to decide before purchasing a watch.

A watch selected for its function would have at least one of the following, Chronograph, Analog Date Display, Tachymeter, Time Calendar, World Time, Stop Watch to list a few.

If we decide to own a watch that exemplifies a macho image, then it is best to choose a watch with chronograph function. For those of us choosing to live in the fast lane (speed steers) it would be wise to opt for a tachymeter function. The frequent traveler across continents should settle for nothing less than a watch with world time. These watches are considered sturdy besides being very accurate.

Many among us are brand conscious. Durability and brand image are immediately brought into the forefront. We depend on established watch makers of 200 years and more. Style is cathartic so is the money. In our desire to own a designer watch let us not forget to remember that one day the designer watches that we own today would one day be listed among antiquated watches.

With our desire to look good and to be spotted in a crowd, we have to complement our image with contemporary style but with an eye on what functions we really want to own a watch for.