Balloon Types


Balloons are an integral part of almost any kind of celebration complementing the occasion. Having different shapes, colours and designs, balloons unwrap the fun around from simple birthdays through to traditional weddings with impressive decoration. Like flowers, balloons are invaluable gifts as well for expressing your in-depth emotions and feelings. However, giving balloon gifts is an amiable gesture that is both inexpensive and festive, cheering up the recipient in any humour.

About Balloons

A balloon resembles a flexible small bag usually filled up with gases such as Helium, hydrogen or air. Long time ago, Balloons were manufactured using dried animal bladders, while modern balloons are made up of either Latex or Mylar. Latex balloons are made naturally from the sap of the rubber trees and are completely biodegradable, while Mylar or foil balloons are made of nylon bladder covered with a layer of aluminium that are non bio degradable. There are different kinds of balloons and some are used for decorative purposes and some for specific needs.

Party Balloons

Party Balloons are typically used for amusement and these can either be filled with gas, air, helium or water. These balloons are tied on a rope at a party, marking the celebration venue. Party balloons are often made of latex rubber that too recycled from old tires and shoes.

The balloons are filled with air manually using hand pump or with the mouth and lasts longer than rubber balloons filled with helium. The helium atoms escape out of the small pores in the latex rubber and are unable to hold their shape and size for a longer duration. However, if the inside portion of the balloons are treated with a special gel, helium leakage can be avoided, thus increasing the longevity of the balloons. These balloons generate various decorative ideas including creating spiral arches that are likely to increase your festivity mood.

Water Balloons

Water balloons are small, thin rubber balloons and children fill these balloons with water and throw at each other making fun. These balloons are typically used for entertainment.

Decorative Balloons

There are animal shaped foil balloons or decorative balloons made up of thin metalised plastic films. These balloons have glossy surfaces usually printed with colour pictures ideal for parties and gifts. Having less weight and the potentiality to retain the helium gas from escaping out, these balloons prove to be long lasting. However, the non biodegradability is a major environmental issue to pay heed of.

There are balloon artists, who make sculptures by twisting and tying tubular balloons made of rubber and the stretchy nature of these rubber balloons prevents from blasting. The tubular balloons are tiny and are hard to inflate and usually require a pump. It is common to decorate tables for parties and these decorations include 3 or 5 balloons on each bouquet. Weight is added to these balloons to avoid floating in air. Generally, the professional party decorators use electronic equipment on evaluating the exact amount of helium to be filled in balloons and for non floating balloons, air inflators are used.

Hot Air Balloons

Hot air balloons are filled up either with helium or air that requires a burner to propel upwards. The hot air balloons are so large and are made up of 3 main parts including the envelope referring to the actual balloon constructed using nylon sections, the burner used for heating air to lift the balloon off the ground and the basket used for the passengers and pilot to stand. Normally, the balloons are manoeuvred by the pilot to lead its way.

Hot air balloons are used for lot of applications including business, leisure rides, advertisements and sports. However, weddings in hot air balloons are one of the romantic options for some couples.

Weather Balloons

Balloons are used for various purposes and in addition to offering fun they are as well used for some important scientific applications. Weather balloons are used for measuring and evaluating the air pressure and humidity. The motion of the balloon through the atmosphere helps to detect information once the balloon has reached a predetermined altitude. These balloons are generally filled with helium, since it is non reactive and has low density. Weather balloons include pilot balloons that are used to determine the wind speeds at different altitudes, ceiling balloon to find the altitude of the clouds, tear drop balloon with radio transmitting instruments on gathering weather information and tetroons used for tracing low-level atmospheric currents. However, the emergence of advanced techniques such as geo stationary satellites, aircraft and radar are likely to catch up the widespread popularity of these weather balloons.

Balloons are used in medicine to perform complex surgical procedures. Balloons are entertaining, fun and informative as well. Every special occasion from birthday and wedding through to graduation and funeral deserves balloon releases to make it a really memorable one. However, unexpected happens nevertheless, proper care must be taken on children when blowing balloons and it is your responsibility to protect your house hold pets from ingesting balloons that will suffocate them and often lead to serious consequences.