Audio books are the latest innovations in the category of books. They may be in the form of Cassettes, CDs or MP3 CDs. The salient feature of these books, are that they are able to create a lively environment. While listening you are able to keep up with the subject and there are interactive portions on Cassettes and CDs which allow you to interrupt and clarify any aspect either in the content or the verse that you did not comprehend. Audio books give the correct phonetic version of the words because the spoken English language used, is tinted with regional accents.


Audio Books are offered as abridged versions and non abridged versions. An abridged version is one that is paraphrased and these abridged versions have the approval of the author. Unabridged versions are word by word copy of the printed book. Those coming with special sound effects and background music are called "dramatized audio books" and these types of dramatized audio books are generally broadcast on Radio Channels. MP3 CDs, which have very large storage capacity as compared to the normal CDs, must be played using special MP3 players. Audio Books being fragile must be appropriately packed and handled with adequate care.


Audio Books are very useful for the visually impaired readers or rather listeners. Once the visually impaired get conversant with audio books, they get the hang of the pronunciation. Since they are gifted with a keen sense of hearing, they grasp the subject faster. It is quite easy to train children in pronunciation skills using the "ready reader" type of audio books that work on 80 RPM (rotations per minute) instead of normal 120 RPM discs. Children above the age of four easily cope up with audio books rather than with printed books. As a consequence of Globalization, children have to acquire advanced levels of skills in the English language and for most of them their careers depend upon their proficiency in mastering these skills.

Audio Books have now become the in-thing for personal as well as library usage, so much so that the publishers of audio books offer special discounts for whole sale purchases of audio books for library usages. There are book clubs that offer audio books on rental services as well. People can avail the books and keep them for a period of 30 days. Some of the audio books publishers have released CDs that are compatible with, Apple iPod, an advanced version of MP3s.


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