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Demi MacLeod
Good to know about the body shop site. I am happy about the hair treatments and the tips that they give to maintain the hair well. I see a good improvement in my hair texture and it's not getting dry anymore. I love the conditioner and the hair shine gel.
I purchase all my make up items only from the body shop online site. I get the latest and best of all quality products. I always get the appreciation from everyone for my make ups. I love to recommend this, if you really care for your personality.
I have purchased a few products for my kid Jack who is 3 years old now. Earlier I was using the regular baby soap. Out of my brothers recommendation I tried the baby soap and lotion from body shop. It was delivered the same day. My kid does not feel any irritation and there are no side effects. He is perfectly fine with the product. Now I have ordered a new baby essential kit for £15.00 which is a pretty economical and has all the necessary items to bath him. I get the products delivered the same day I order it. I recommend this for the new borns.
Mine is oily skin, I have tried so many cosmetics and none of them suited my skin. At last I came to know about this site. I used tea tree products which gave me glorious effect. It made by skin glow brighter. I recommend this site for every one. Natural products at cheaper price