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James Shaw
A nice sum of cash from edealsuk just for joining.Thats only the start of a positive broadband supplier.It's only a small amount per month for the internet with a free gift when you order online.They have a variety of options and packages you can join find one that suits you personally.All i hear about this company is positive feedback join them now and you will have a huge smile on your face.
After now using the BT Broadband service for over a year, I must say that this is by far the most reliable service I have ever used. I started as a pay as you go customer, but after only a month I switched to broadband. I always get connected straight away and it doesn’t drop connections. It has been easy to setup and install, and so far it has been reliable and fast, running well with Firefox. Only twice I had problems with the BT land line where I got a fault. I contacted the helpline and the line was fixed very quickly. I realise not everyone has had as positive experience, but I had. It is a pleasure to have BT.