Online Shop - Member Reviews

James Shaw
Astonishing and professional website it's really fantastic.I like how easy it is to navigate around this site.Just under the banner is all the navigation you need from car hire to restaurants great to see they are trying to make our time as less stressfull as possible.Near the bottom of their site is cheap family holidays and they are actually very reasonable.Expect good timing of flights and generally a very good service from this company.Very reliable never had any problems fast and efficient I'm a very happy customer.
Fantastic website. I am regulary looking at this site to get cheap tickets for concerts and for comedy nights. The site is very easy to navigate around and i normally either search by date or by area. Its easy to purchase tickets and the site is very secure so you are safe in making credit and debit card transactions. I have used for ages and have even bid on their £1 auctions aswell.
Some great products all in one place - I use this site for ideas as when i did use it to book, I arrived at my hotel and there was no booking even though my credit card had been charged! It was sorted but still a pain while I sorted it... After I paid for the hotel room twice!
I managed to pick up a fantastic late holiday booking for my family with It worked out that we paid 75% less than the original price. Filling in the forms lines was very easy and we got confirmation of the booking shortly after. There were no problems and oh - had a brilliant holiday. Would use again definately.
Rebecca Parsons
used the website numerous times for a variety of purchases. no problems ever. picked up a bargain holiday, hotels and restaurants. well worth using if uyou like prebooking activities. very easy to use and have great gift ideas.