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James Shaw
These have the most quality products around with all the products that are high in trend at the moment.They always update their stock to the most stylish products bought most across the world, this is what I like most about this fantastic site, infact I'm impressed with everything about it.Free delivery and returns online or in store plus if you register to be a cardholder you can get an amazing 10% off, plus sign up to their newsletter for more exclusive deals.
I buy from Burtons, both online and in my local store. The clothes they sell are quite fashionable but would suit both young and middle aged men. I recently picked up lots of bargains in their Januuary Sale for my fella, and made a HUGE saving. I wouldn't recommend taking out their store card though, the interest rates are ridicolous.
Burtons clothes are total quality. They have lots of fashionable items aswell as the more formal clothes like shirts, jackets, ties etc . They stock lots of shorter length items of trousers, jeans etc which is great as my man has only got little legs. Less and less shops sell jeans in the 30 in leg, you would be surprised.