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Faith Wallace
I got a toner for £20.00 as my first purchase from thebeautyroom. It was not extra-ordinary, may be I am a little dark. But it did what was promised on the site. The delivery was done on time and am happy with the product. I am planning to try out with a couple of new products.
I got the Elemis Pro for £57.00. I got it for dark circles and was promised to get well after 28 days. It has been 25 days already and there is a little improvement. May be I have to try it out for some more time.
I signed up with “thebeautyroom” and purchased the Active Spa Home care program for £68.27 which was a buy one and get one free offer. I got my product the same day. Its actually a 12 day program. I am happy with the product and continuing with the next one. Sure you can trust the products.