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I have replaced my box now with sky+hd and upgraded to sky movies. Sky is the best ever. And Madagascar escape 2 africa is on for christmas! Can't wait to watch it though ive already watched it before.
James Shaw
Sky TV is getting better and better, now you can choose exactly what packages you want cutting out all the programs you don't.This saves you alot of money and time making sure your sky tv package has only the channels you want to watch and pay for.It comes bundled also with tv broadband and talk communication at a very low price this is excellent.You also get a great amount of cashback from edealsuk.Sky tv used to be going downhill but have come back with their bundled packages and are now highly recommended.
I have got Sky broadband, Sky Talk and Sky TV. They fitted the package free of charge with McAfee Virus Protector and a free router and/or wireless connection. If you ever have any problems just call them up and all gets sorted over the phone straight away! Brilliant!
Ron Victor
Hey, you guys searching for high speed broadband service, just join sky digital. They offer good range of broadband products with maximum usage. With in the time of signing their agreement they provide the connection, with a free router and 12 months MCAfee internet security. Great one to connect.