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Kevin White
Such an excellent service! Purple parking is the best. Everything is done orderly. I know I can bank on them no matter what. I always use them and will give it a 10 on 10 score.
I used to earn 3% cashback with Purple Parking, but this has now increased to 5%. PP offer a brilliant, professional service and it is so much cheaper than parking at the airport where the rates are absurd. So pleased I discovered Purple Parking.
I had a very good time booking a parking trought edealsuk, and not only received a good offer but some cash back, I will definetely recomend it to everybody. I traveled from Heathrow Airport and the parking was actualy 15 minutes away, but there is free transport available to take you to you terminal, and the same when you return. 3% cashback is in offer, I travel all the year and now I am booking my Parking in Purple Parking but always throught edealsuk.